Metze Design Top Homepage

Metze Design focuses on helping clients create biographies and books from start to finish.

With an emphasis on sharing stories, it is no surprise the company takes a sleek storytelling approach to the way they share their website with potential clients.

Site visitors are greeted by a black and white photograph taken of real clients reading a book they had created with the help of Metze Design. The image is heartwarming and evokes the feeling of nostalgia and memories with each book they create.

Blocks of vibrant flat color are used to break up the information and present new “pages” within a single page to potential clients. The web design is eye-catching and leading, pulling viewers along the page.

Accessible from the top of this page, potential clients can use a header menu to navigate between pages. The words are faded gray, matching the first photograph potential clients see. Depending on the page they are on, the page title illuminates blue.

Below the fold, potential clients can understand what it is like to work with Metze Design by looking at testimonials submitted to the company by past clients.

Testimonials are presented snugly between two muted-colored images. This, combined with the white negative space surrounding the sides of testimonials, helps the statements stand out.

The section is given a vibrant red header to add to grab users' attention. With the text center-aligned, potential clients can toggle back and forth between the two available testimonials.

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Metze Design Clean About Page

To learn about the men behind Metze Design, the company offers up biographies of each man in a two-by-two borderless table.

To the left of each black-and-white portrait of the company owners, the page details what each man specializes in and more through a right-aligned paragraph. The gray sans serif font is faded on the white negative space, adding an aged effect to the black-and-white set-up.

Overall, Metze Design is an engaging yet professional website design that captures potential clients through a clean organization and bold colors. 

Metze Design is featured in Arts & Recreation and Professional Services categories of the Best Website Design section. 

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