Moneylion Professional Homepage

Moneylion brings together big data and financial advice into one, easy-to-use package. However, presenting those two concepts to potential users is no easy task. Big data sounds scary to some.

Financial advice sounds boring or complicated. The challenge ahead of the designers of Moneylion was to make big data and financial topics look exciting.

The home page is very clean and professional looking. Moneylion had the unique challenge of appearing to be modern and personable while still maintaining a professional appearance that people expect from the companies that work with their money. A lot of trust is required and a juvenile or unprofessional image could undo any built-up trust in a single moment.

Moneylion Professional Illustrations

Some small, simple animations are used to give the website a bit of an interactive, responsive feel. For example, the text above that says, “get a loan” will change into other basic features of the app like, “improve your credit.” The same color scheme is used throughout the website. We see a clean, white background with a light blue for illustrations and emphasis text.

The illustrations feel modern, like what you would expect to see as an app icon. That’s obviously no coincidence because Moneylion is very much developed with mobile users in mind. The designers have done a great job of making users feel like they are already familiar with the site through the use of basic icons that would seem at home anywhere on user’s smartphones.

Moneylion Simple Website Design

Once again, simple animations are on display in the testimonials section. Hover over a member photo and the circle is highlighted as a box with a testimonial quote pops out. 1,000,000 is displayed with a bold black text.

1,000,000 is an impressive number and Moneylion has chosen that fact to be the focal point of their testimonial page. There’s a nice contrast between the bold text and the more personal testimonials and photos. Users will feel like they can trust the fact that Moneylion has such a large user base while also being able to relate, on a personal level, with the specific users that have been highlighted.

As mobile apps have become more and more common, users have grown to become accustomed to simple, clean design. Moneylion has aimed to make their website feel a bit like a mobile app that will feel intuitive and familiar, even to those that have never heard of Moneylion before. Mission accomplished!

Moneylion is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance and Technology industries.