Motherboard Great Homepage

The online journalism junket, Vice, has created a website that works in step with the company’s culture. The site, Motherboard, contains vivid, high-resolution images and minimal content to enhance the UI and UX.

Motherboard’s home page reveals a simple, Javascript system that uses a gallery-style format. Its menu bar is simple, with a dark-gray background that juxtaposes well with the light-gray backdrop. When a visitor opens the website, the rectangle banner splits into two panels. On the left, a relevant photograph corresponds with the article.

Motherboard Great Website Design

Motherboard’s website uses a 4x4 gallery-style format to organize its featured articles. Each panel contains an image, a bold title, and a short description, encouraging users to click on the article and read it. Above each image is a purple category title, maintaining the consistent organization of the page.

Motherboard Great Menu Design

Every page on the Motherboard website has a hamburger menu at the top left corner. When a user clicks on the button, the menu slides out from the left. The page uses a parallax-inspired format to pull the menu pane forward, making the screen itself a translucent image. The greatest aspect of the menu is its simplistic value. Every call to action button utilizes a black typeface, while the categories use a light-gray. The bottom of the panel uses a darker background, encouraging users to interact with Motherboard's social media pages.

Motherboard’s brilliant web design represents what users look for in a website. It’s clean, minimal, organized, and inviting. The revolutionary design pools together the site’s overall theme, integrating comprehensive news-reporting with the internet.

Motherboard is a great website design in the Entertainment industry.