Motka Design Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Concise website content
  • Easy-to-read texts with modern visuals
  • Client testimonials section

Websites with multiple specializations and well-rounded service models could easily lend themselves to a clunky interface loaded with too much information. If you’re worried about this, take some notes from Motka Design’s website!

Motka Design is a creative studio that deals with branding, product, UI/UX and MVP design (Learn more about branding and how it works). Would you believe they could explain each service in just under 10 words? That’s right – the site’s hero banner displays these four core services with one-liner statements.

This short and sweet messaging is applied to the rest of the sections, adding to the site’s readability. Visitors can thoroughly read through the agency’s principles, projects, and competencies thanks to the bite-sized headings and descriptions.

They didn’t skimp on visuals, either! Every section has its own unique illustration that perfectly balances the concise text. Adding a splash of color to each banner also elevated the whole look!

At the bottom of the page, the website features a Review section. Here, the designers pulled up several client testimonials from Clutch to build a solid brand reputation.

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