Nedd Minimal Homepage

Connected by the click of a button, consumers worldwide have access to a host of available options when it comes to selecting their favorite brands. French creative service company Nedd understands the challenges created by a technologically driven world, and they work to develop branding and visual communications that enable top companies to reach their markets more effectively in this fast-paced environment.

Nedd’s website creatively showcases the style and quality of their work, attracting companies and clients looking for someone to help them craft cutting-edge experiences for consumers. A minimalistic visual theme simplifies the user experience and gives an implicit sense of the kinds of digital creations Nedd builds: apps, brand content, digital strategies, and many other tools carefully constructed for all kinds of clean, clear, and user-friendly interactions. Main pages use significant amounts of negative space, slight image and text movements, and assorted digital tools like videos or zoom effects to actively engage users. Red banners, white headings, and moving strips of solid yellow reveal different aspects of the site, and they cleverly lead the eye from one area to the next.

Nedd Minimal Website Design

Created as a multilingual experience for users from a range of backgrounds, this site provides samples of work and available services. Carefully placed iconography even allows users to explore clients previously satisfied by work from Nedd. From TV campaigns to digital strategy and unique user experiences, Nedd has produced a substantive project portfolio of material. Potential clients can peruse it to find samples of what the creative service company could do to enhance their own brands.

As users scroll down the page, videos, animations, and samples of work pop up throughout. Pastel pinks, bright blues, and bold yellows cover the title image of each project for a moment before pulling back to uncover a work sample set against a stark white background. Each project is arranged next to crisp text descriptions for easy explanation. Clicking on any sample panel takes users to another page where they can enjoy an immersive tour of the project as it was developed. Text, images, and graphics move dynamically on these pages to demonstrate the scope of each development.

Nedd Minimal Website Design

Other tabs across the top heading of the page allow users to navigate and experience unique Nedd features, such as brand new projects using virtual reality. These pages apply the same minimalist scheme found throughout the rest of the site to explain the new branding technology to users. The pages use images for clear descriptions of how the tech works, as well as engaging written content that rotates between bold and plain script, outlining the diverse uses of this new approach to branding. From beginning to end, the site presents information in educational and engaging ways, enabling users to envision what kind of innovative visual communication campaign Nedd could create for them.

Nedd is a minimal website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.