Phive Health & Fitness Clubs Beautiful Homepage

Phive is a website built to showcase its two prominent health and fitness Clubs located in the city of Coimbra, Portugal, as well as their personal trainers and gym activities. The website reflects their services, equipment and staff in a very creative manner, making this site one of the most interesting physical activity-related websites on the web.

The creative concept is very trendy and website visitors will find the user experience to be interactive; scrolling through the site certainly makes you feel motivated to hit the gym. It has an amazing use of animation, sound, and video, making the visitor engage with the website really easily. The sound used on the website gives a vibrant sense of energy and rhythm.

The use of fullscreen videos is also a feature of this website; it's stunning to see how the background videos connect with the content and show the user the stylish fitness club.

The animations used in this website are fantastic. From 3D transition effects between photos to fun loading animations, it's all very creative and yet simple, made in a way that won't bore or disappoint users.

Phive Health & Fitness Clubs Beautiful Website Design

The preloader animations are really creative and fun. They are something we don't see everyday on websites, and entertain users an instant while they wait the page to load. The preloader shows different animations with several activities.

Phive Health & Fitness Clubs Beautiful About Page

The deep scroll page features all activities of the center in a very high-end fashion way. In a grid-based design, the page shows the activities by type (ex: Power, Moves, Aqua, etc). The colorful grid shows all types of activities in a very efficient way with great photography and subtle hover effects. Stunning background videos are featured along with the section main title before users scroll down to the grid with the list of activities. This intense and vibrant videos leave visitors with a great impression. The use of typography in the main title along with the video is also brilliant, leaving the impression that the title letters almost mix with the background video.

Phive Health & Fitness Clubs is a beautiful website design in the Sports & Leisure industry.

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