Quad Notion Clean Homepage

Beauty and creativity can be found in the little things: a painting of a simple sunset, the calming notes of a violin, or light scents of blossoms in the air. Digital design company Quad Notion relies on quality in the little things to create memorable online experiences. Whether crafting a site for a fashion retailer or an international business, attention to the details has enabled this company to provide meaningful digital user interactions.  

The site design for Quad Notion’s online presence reflects the same appreciation for minimalism and quality seen in their project portfolio. A vibrant green background uses simple shading and small movements to create a 3D appearance of birds flying and boats floating. White is used as a contrasting color in fonts and graphics. Shapes move across the page to roughly simulate more tangible experiences, like a lighthouse beam panning over boats in the ocean waves. Small white dots on the right side of the page provide a basic navigation tool as users scroll, and contact information and an icon for a larger menu are positioned just above to keep the experience easily accessible.

Quad Notion Clean Portfolio

The menu leads users to friendly portfolio or clientele pages, where they can more thoroughly explore referrals or the digital work produced by the design company. Recognizable color schemes are inverted to maintain a sense of both freshness and familiarity. White backdrops replace bold green ones, and text becomes green and black where each project is explained. Or, users are linked directly to the featured sample site.

Icons are also used to eliminate written material, and each page relies on a visual layout to direct users to various parts of the site. Hyperlinked text boxes fill with color and text shifts to a contrasting shade in response to user engagement. The experience is simple, yet interactive, in all the little things, providing users a sense of clarity and ease as they consider the next creative project for their own company.

Quad Notion is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.