Recurso Universum Beautiful Homepage

The Recurso Universum website serves as an interactive landing page for the sci-fi novel Microcosmos. Unlike most book series, Recurso Universum aims to create a groundbreaking experience of full sensory integration into the fantasy world. The Recurso Universum website is one element creating this multimedia, sci-fi reality.

When the user lands on the home page, they are greeted by high dimensional animations of outer space accompanied by heroic music. User responsive functions cause the animations to move or make sounds as the cursor hovers over them. Revealing thoughtful UI design, music and sound effects can be easily disabled with a button on the upper right hand corner. The sans serif typeface is uniquely evocative of the sci-fi imagery that permeates the webpage, further immersing the user in the imaginative experience while reinforcing brand identity.

Arriving on the home page, it is unclear what the purpose of the website is. No part of the page explains the goal of the website, but a question appears in bold, serving to entice the reader, while a countdown button at the bottom of the screen creates a sense of urgency, despite the fact that the purpose of the countdown is not revealed. The mystery draws the reader deeper into the webpage.

Recurso Universum Beautiful About Page

A button highlighted on home page in a teal color encourages the user to “explore.” From there, the user is led through large blocks of text that explain the Recurso Universum story. Illustrations set against the same spacescape grant the reader insights into the Recurso Universum storyline while clicking the teal arrow allows for more information to seamlessly appear before the user’s eyes.

Recurso Universum Beautiful Website Design

Eventually, the user is guided to a synopsis of the novels. At the end of the page, a gallery is presented which hosts high definition illustrations meant to capture the universe that the webpage seeks to create.

Those looking to design a webpage that fully captures the attention of the reader should take inspiration from the Recurso Universum page. Between cutting edge animations and a hint of mystery, Recurso Universum manages to draw the reader into their world.

Recurso Universum is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.