Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Colorful Homepage

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is a corporate communications agency for businesses on the cutting-edge of their fields. They bring a technological mastery and new age sensibility to the professional communication process, and they have designed a site that abstractly and practically speaks to these ideals. The sharp, seemingly unmotivated shapes provide a dynamism and steely edge to the image of the company. Its colorful palette speaks to the youth, vitality, and energy RLYL’s services can bring to a company.

The angular, loud aesthetic of their home page tells potential clients that they aren’t dealing with a traditional, stuffy, communications firm. No, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is clearly discerning their brand as cutting-edge, by embedding shapes and colors that are equally cutting. This page is emblematic of how abstract design can communicate a very real message. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry doesn’t need to say or even prove that they’re innovative and experimental; the subtext of their design does that for them.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Colorful About Page

The powerful abstraction continues on Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s interactive “About” slider, which breaks down the company’s values one by one. The graphic image is again angular and indefinable, further painting the company as cutting-edge and experimental. Users can click on the left and right arrows to reveal Red Lorry Yellow Lorry’s different ideals.

By creating an interactive experience out of what would typically be a stagnant body of text, the designer has created a UX that speaks to RLYL’s brand initiatives, while also explaining them outright. This is yet another example of how abstraction can be used to reinforce brand and experience.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Colorful Services Page

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry continues to embed abstract imagery in every nook of its site with this enigmatic, three-dimensional icon. The page is a continuation of the site’s “About” section, featuring a colorful cube that appears to serve only an interpretive function. The truth, however, is that this cube actually says more than any text could.

It speaks to RLYL’s brand at a physical level, providing a visual cue to the values of the company, while actually minimizing the significance of the accompanying text. The text is colorless and small compared to the bright impact of the icon, and it occupies much less space by comparison.

RLYL’s designer understands the true impact of graphics, and they allow aesthetic subtext to do most of the talking. By creating a site that maximizes abstract potency and minimizes direct explanation, RLYL is proving that they’re a cutting-edge communications agency skilled enough to communicate without saying a word.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is a colorful website design in the Professional Services industry.