Seastreak Home Page Website Design

Seastreak’s Exceptional Ferry Services Build A Reliable Brand Identity

Seastreak is a brand that connects travelers to their destinations in New York, New Jersey and Cape Cod through high-speed ferry services. The company also offers catamaran services at pickup and drop-off points in Manhattan, central New Jersey, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and other surrounding destinations.

These services are perfect for commuters, as well as tourists looking to go on sightseeing tours, day trips and getaways. Seastreak revolutionizes the way commuters and tourists see ferry and boat travel, adding a touch of luxury to the entire experience and turning it from a gateway to your next adventure to part of the adventure itself.

This company dedicates itself to creating quality adventures and giving traveler’s access to fast ferry services. This is their mission statement:

It is our mission to provide our customers with the safest and most reliable ferry service in the industry, while offering the highest quality of customer service. Whether serving daily commuters or daytrip and getaway customers, we combine the best fleet of vessels on the water with the best employees in the business to provide the premier ferry service in the nation. We value integrity and operational excellence and we are devoted to operating an environmentally responsible fleet. We strive for continual improvement and we are the only privately held ferry company in the country that is fully invested in a comprehensive Safety Management System. We are committed to providing our employees with a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth, and we encourage their creativity and innovation.

These services run seasonally and year-round depending on the destination. This brand is tackling an industry that has long since become outdated and unoriginal. Not many people turn to ferries anymore to get them from point A to point B. That’s what cars and subways are for. But with the help of clever branding and an intuitive luxurious website, the Seastreak company is making a name for itself in the high-speed ferry industry, aligning itself as an industry leader unafraid to be different in a world where everything is becoming more of the same.

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Seastreak Bar Website Design

Seastreak’s Streamlined Web Design Makes Navigating Through The Site A Dream

There’s an intuitive quality to the Seastreak website that comes from its innate understanding of what its branding consists of, and what its consumers want. Seastreak took on a lofty goal — to make ferry travel fun, and to do this they also had to make the entire experience one that was simple, efficient and user-friendly.

Right from the start, the simplicity and efficiency of this website are on full display. From the clean white space, the engaging and vivid photography and the minimal copy — this website aims to be a serene and inviting experience perfect for the senses. It lulls you along with ease and satisfaction thanks to its clean layout and serene buyer’s journey.

Users can choose from a variety of options which are clearly laid out in a simple, bright menu bar sitting at the top of the screen. In addition to this bar, another bar with the user’s cart sits at the very top of the screen — and scrolls along with them as they peruse the site.

Each landing page option is clearly labeled. From commuter travel and getaways to boat rental, there is an easy navigational aspect that takes out any questions or concerns.

Adding a tour or trip to your cart is easy, with the option clearly marked and sitting at the bottom of the landing page. It’s clear and concise, making it simple for users to complete their purpose. Similarly, the cart is easily accessible and sits on a clean, white background — all it takes is a few clicks, with all the information you need to fill out plainly visible.

Other exciting and intuitive aspect of the website also exist. The blog is comprehensive and clean. And the website even offers service alerts to keep users up-to-date on weather disturbances that might impact their travel. From the homepage, users can also choose routes based on their preferences and find the trips most compatible with them.

This powerful and user-friendly website takes users on a quick and exciting journey, encouraging them to book a trip of their own.

Seastreak Checkout Website Design

Seastreak’s Image-Driven Layout Exudes Luxury And Sophistication

The Seastreak website is image-heavy — with images making up headers, CTA boxes and adding a more cohesive and comprehensive breakdown of the website as a whole.

Each section of the website — from destinations and getaways to routes, schedules and more — is clearly displayed. Each landing page uses an accompanying image to represent that specific category — that of an exciting cityscape or a family of happy, carefree characters. These images elevate the design by adding a beautiful contrast to the clean, white background. They are also elevated due to the subtle overlays that add depth and sophistication. Subtle colors and elegant script add more context to these images and add luxury that is unparalleled.

Consumers react better to images over text. They sit with users longer and make for a more memorable user experience. And the images here instill within users a sense of longing and urgency. These images are able to leave an impression, changing the views many people have on ferries and boat travel and encouraging them to plan their own exciting oceanside vacation.

When it comes to vacations and getaways, consumers have to see to believe. And this website promotes their mission statement and ethos through the use of photography in a bold, vivid and engaging way.

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Seastruck Service Alerts Website Design

This Comprehensive Website Puts The Company's Mission & Messaging First 

Seastreak is a brand that knows high-speed ferry travel. But it also knows that not everyone thinks the same of ferries and boats, so it does its best to inform users in a comprehensive and cohesive way.

On the main home page, there is little copy to clutter the screen. But textual overlays on images add just enough context to provide the necessary, inspiring information that will influence users and encourage them to book a trip.

This is a website that relies heavily on imagery but doesn’t sacrifice context thanks to the lengthy and informative descriptions that live on the separate landing pages. Each destination, route and getaway gets its own formal page full of reviews, detailed explanations and additional information that serves to educate users on the trip and what they should expect.

It’s just the right amount of information to inspire, but not enough to overwhelm or frustrate. This is still a clean design even with the addition of this lengthy copy.

In addition to this, the blog offers a lot of helpful and exciting insights that can help push users over the edge and into the checkout section.

This is a website that needs to be comprehensive, intuitive and jam-packed with images, text and creative elements in order to change minds and encourage users to jump on a ferry instead of into a car.

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Seastruck Comprehensive Website Design

The Seastreak Website Revolutionizes The Way Users Look At Ferry Travel

Seastreak is a brand that is paving the way for the future of luxurious ferry travel. It’s a service that aims to open minds and encourage travelers to choose ferry travel over more traditional avenues of travel by bus, car and subway — and they’re doing it in style.

Commuters, tourists and everyone in between can choose to take the ferry instead of other forms of travel, and when they book through Seastreak they know they’ll actually enjoy the whole experience. Seastreak infuses luxury and sophistication into ferry and boat travel that hasn’t been seen since the days of the first transatlantic cruises.

And they have their intuitive website and on-point branding to thank.

The Seastreak website is a simple, streamlined and image-driven design that gives people fluid and fantastical insights into a variety of different day trip, cruise and getaway options. People can use the ferry to get from New Jersey to Manhattan and beyond. And they can do so with complete ease.

This ease and usability are mimicked in the easy-to-use website. Navigating from destination to destination is a breeze thanks to a simple and clean menu bar, subtle and sophisticated color and text overlays and image blocks breaking up the elaborate experiences.

Similarly, the cart and checkout box is clean and cohesive — it’s a simple menu bar with clear options that make it easy for users to add tickets to their cart and complete their purchase.

There’s also the luxurious nature of the images themselves — these captivating cityscapes paired with flowing typography and clean, white space make for a website that is simple, straightforward and elegant.

Branding is subtle and sophisticated, with the carefree and laid back tone carrying on from the home page to the blog and even into social media. There’s a smartness and a sophistication that can’t be ignored. This is a brand that is taking on a challenge — not many people, especially in the Northeast United States, look at ferries favorably. So this brand already had a mountain to climb.

And they scaled it with creativity and class.

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