Sliders Elegant Homepage

Sliders is a Denmark-based gourmet burger joint that caters to a young and media savvy demographic. The restaurant wants to attract millennial trend setters in the hopes of being ordained their next favorite trend. To accomplish this, Sliders has created a photo real, rustic, and socially focused site.

This homepage is effective not only in stimulating one’s appetite, but also evoking a sense of artistry and craftsmanship. It’s a very naturalistic color pallet, font, and photo selection. The Earthy tones, wooden backdrop, and rustic text evoke a realness and humanity that today’s young people love. This homepage is excellently designed to pass Slider’s off as an authentic artisan experience. It says organic, it says gourmet, it says truth, and it just makes your mouth water.

Sliders Elegant Website Design

From the home page, users can diverge as they please, into a variety of pages. This “About” page focuses on giving users visual and textual information about the restaurant’s space and style. What’s unique about a web site, as opposed to a billboard or commercial, is it’s ability to simulate space.

By allowing users to navigate independently, and discover the various crannies of Slider’s dining room for themselves, the designer has successfully created a spatial user experience. Visitors of the site will immediately feel immersed in the lifestyle and mood that Slider’s represents, and they’ll long to experience it IRL (in real time). This is a great example of how simple UX focused web design can serve as the most effective advertising for a company. A web site’s ability to create and represent space can transport users psychically to the client’s place of business. Then it’s just a matter of time until they visit for real.

Sliders Elegant Social Section

This last social page is the final note in Sliders’ design narrative. The designer has created a mood on the homepage, simulated the space on the next, and is now creating a sense of community.

By embedding a social page like this on their site, Sliders is not only asserting themselves as a social hub, but also telling users that they’re a part of a specific lifestyle. This is the final nail in the coffin of what is a truly comprehensive user experience. After visiting this site, users will walk away with a clear idea of Sliders’ brand, atmosphere, and culture. This site is a great example of how you can build unified design narratives that effectively endear users to a client.

Sliders is a top website design in the Food & Beverage industry.