Star Travel Great Homepage

Star Travel’s website offers a playful design that makes booking your vacation simpler. Its use of color, high-resolution photography, a hamburger menu, and a navigation bar makes navigating this site a cinch.

The home page uses a red, translucent overlay with an open graphic in the middle. The icon reveals an image of a couple on vacation, but it isn't overwhelming or distracting, so users can shift their focus to the menu bar at the bottom of the page.

Star Travel Great Website Design

A great feature of the home page is its use of a parallax-inspired side-scroll on the navigation bar. As a user scrolls, the color of the foreground changes, as well as the background image. This method relies on the scroll to organize the pages, as each color represents a specific vacation category to enhance the user experience.

Star Travel Clean Menu Design

The top right corner of each page features a hamburger menu. When a user clicks on the button, a menu slides from the left corner. It’s a split-panel menu with the sitemap on the left and a blank translucent panel on the right. The hamburger menu influences the UX interface, simplifying the website’s overall navigation process. Check out the best travel & leisure website designs here.

Star Travel Great About Page

Star Travel’s “About” page uses a fixed-header menu with an image banner as the background. The large, orange typography attracts viewers to the menu, and its minimalistic design encourages users to continue reading the content. A white backdrop pulls together the different graphic shapes on the page, and it forces the content forward into a clean, asymmetrical space.

Star Travel’s website enhances UI and UX applications by making the design easy for sitemap navigation. The website enhances UI and UX by offering users an interactive, colorful, and well-organized experience.

Star Travel is a great website design in the Travel and Sports & Leisure industries.