Sushi Boom London Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Simple navigation system
  • Extensive meal gallery
  • Inviting promo video

Ilya Nasedkin ensured that all London-based sushi lovers could get their favorite food quickly and without a hassle. The practical web design for Sushi Boom London is another excellent solution that secured its place on our best food and drinks apps and websites list.

Apart from a clean layout and a soothing blue and orange color palette, this design has a straightforward navigation system. The user interface helps the brand streamline orders through a cohesive and logical roadmap that lets hungry customers input their orders quickly.

The design also contains an extensive meal gallery so you can get a glimpse of the items on the menu before ordering, as well as an inviting promo video that showcases the restaurant’s interior.

Get a chance to become the next Design Award winner.