Tbilisi Gardens Creative Homepage

Dive into a new way of indulgent living with Tbilisi Gardens in Georgia (the country, not the state).

With a state-of-the-art design, the company behind Tbilisi Gardens creates a similar state-of-the-art experience for potential residents.

A scaled mockup of the beautifully-designed building is the very first thing that potential residents see.

The mockup uses a realistic background, as if users are seeing the building in real life. While users scroll, the view around the building changes, which reinforces the realism. 

With the use of the scroll, potential residents are able to explore the building floor-by-floor to see the full view of Tbilisi Gardens.

Each floor is highlighted by a green bar that contrasts with the natural appearance of the page, and informs visitors about the various apartment styles on every floor.

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Tbilisi Gardens Creative Product Page

By accessing them through the homepage, potential residents are able to peruse each individual floor plan offered within the building.

Centered against a white negative space, Tbilisi Gardens provides an extensive model of each apartment’s floor plan.

Images are broken down by room, with model furniture placed to show the scale of each room.

Aligned to the left on the page, visitors are given a charted breakdown of each room in the apartment by name and size.

The combination of brown and green is used within the chart, readily tying in the blend of colors used across the entire website.

Tbilisi Gardens Creative Gallery Page

Embedded in the white negative space of the Gallery page, the company employs a slider of showroom photographs.

The slider is set to move through photographs at its own pace. However, potential clients have the ability to manipulate the photographs as they want with the use of navigation arrows from the bottom of the website.

Tbilisi Gardens is a creative website design in the Real Estate industry.

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