Team Arnold Awesome Homepage

If you’re looking to have your company shine above all the rest, and you want to make an impact with a glamorous, eye-popping product, then Team Arnold is the company for you!

Specializing in sparkling ideas for branding, Team Arnold is an international company that works hard to set themselves apart from the competition. Be it magazine work, branding launches, editorials, or social media, Team Arnold ensures that their clients appear absolutely fabulous in every way possible.

Team Arnold’s home page makes use of a flat combination of black and white to show off the differences between the header menu and the introductory image. Thefeatured fullscreen photograph displays just the right amount of glitter to enhance the surrounding black banner. The use of sans serif font in contrasting values makes the page title and the rest of the words stand out against the opposing backdrop.

Team Arnold Awesome Website Design

From the menu at the top of the page, users can find their way to Team Arnold’s project center. The company’s portfolio is presented with a combination of both black-and-white and colored photographs. Every image is thematically created with the use of glitter and sparkles to make them shine, which matches both the message and the photograph Team Arnold presents on their landing page to represent their company. Colored photographs are placed against a white negative space in combination with bold, black sans serif font to describe pieces.

Team Arnold Awesome About Page

Team Arnold’s “About” page makes use of a brilliant pink negative space in combination with black font to walk users through their values and their backstory. Information and breakage photographs are divided into two columns where text is varied at different heights, so users know exactly what to read and in what order while still being visually diverse. Keeping things light, the company adds whimsical animations to the page. For those who want to contact them, Team Arnold offers a plugin form at the very bottom of the page to let users quickly insert their information.  

By emphasizing eye-catching photographs and a sparkly theme across the entire site, Team Arnold manages to present their high-quality image to potential clients. The UI is lighthearted but informative, ensuring that each user enjoys their time spent on the website.

Team Arnold is an awesome website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.