The Ivory Game Awesome Homepage

Netflix’s documentary, The Ivory Game, offers insight on elephant poaching in central Africa. Their promotional website uses high-resolution photography and videos to enhance the UI and UX. Its extensive use of background imagery offers a visual interaction between the user and the message of the film.

The home page displays a video shot from an aerial perspective. It contains little content, which draws users’ attention to the clip itself, the call to action buttons on the bottom right corner, and the transparent sidebar menu.

The Ivory Game Awesome About Page

On the sidebar is a hamburger menu that, when clicked, allows users to navigate around the website. The Ivory Game’s “About” page slides out from the right and uses simple, but purposeful content. The typography is bold, and it juxtaposes nicely against the black background. The right side of the “About” page displays a photograph of the creators of the film, and a two-sentence paragraph about the purpose of the documentary.

The Ivory Game Awesome Website Design

The main menu of the site uses a black backdrop, so users can focus on the call to action prompts. The typography is simple and basic, offering visitors the opportunity to either watch the trailer or go straight to Netflix and watch the documentary.

The Ivory Game's promotional website is straightforward. Its lack of excessive content stays true to the straightforward, critical viewpoint. The web design attracts users to the site, encouraging them to spend a few minutes learning about the purpose of The Ivory Game. By using this approach, users are persuaded to watch the documentary and fight for their cause.

The Ivory Game is an awesome website design in the Entertainment and Arts & Recreation industries.