The Linen Works Corporate Homepage

There is no better way to stock your home and your closet than with products from The Linen Works. The Linen Works website is an online retailer specializing in a number of linens for the home.

Upon hitting the home page, a modal window opens that prompts users to sign up for updates from the company. Utilizing a sleek design, the modal window contains a white negative space combined with a pale gray serif font and light green accents. The soft appearance sets the initial atmosphere for the entire website.

Behind the modal window, the home page introduces users to a number of the latest and greatest product lines created by The Linen Works. With the use of high-resolution photographs, a slider is the main focal point. Layered over the images, the company uses white sans serif font in capitalized lettering to label each collection. While the slider automatically cycles through collections, a navigation tool at the bottom allows for users to move back and forth at their leisure, as well.

Beneath the slider, the company continues to use high-resolution photographs to create a grid for a clean presentation of the company’s products. Photographs are evenly spaced with a border of white. Embedded over each photograph is a solid white text box, utilizing a gray font to label the products.

The Linen Works Corporate Product Page

Clean imagery and soft atmospheres are exactly what The Linen Works employs when users visit individual product pages. Set against a white negative space, photographs showcase various aspects of the product being viewed. Photographs take up three-fourths of the page, and the remaining fourth lists out the product description in light gray. A number of customizable options per product keeps users interacting with the page as they decide what they want to buy.

The Linen Works Corporate Contact Page

The Linen Works makes it easy to reach out to the company with a plugin form. The two columns of the contact form are in an easy-to-read format, making it a quick process to fill the form out and initiate contact with The Linen Works.

Bringing forth a clean and soft design, The Linen Works creates a website where users are given the full feel for what the company creates. The organized platform offers easy shopping within a pale setting to make their photographs pop.

The Linen Works is a corporate website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Manufacturing industries.