The New Digital School Contrasting Website Homepage

Ready to take on an exciting new career? Give The New Digital School a chance, a student-centered program that focuses on teaching digital design.

The New Digital School brings together an experimental curriculum for their students that reflects the focus of their bold website design. Bold blue is a staple color on the homepage, pulling on the school’s coloring and creating an empowered atmosphere to the page.

The idea of bigger is better is combined with simplicity on the homepage. It employs big and bold font style that stands against the pale background in combination with minimal information given. The school usesabstract photographs to add color variety as well as provide links to the website. It’s a friendly and easy to manipulate design the gives you the chance to choose your path on the website without becoming visually overwhelmed.

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The New Digital School Best Web Design

Meet the team behind the New Digital School and the philosophy of their educational program by hitting up the website’s About page.

Keeping things lively, the page brings together a wide array of photographs that showcase various aspects of school life. Their clarity gives you the chance to see students and staff alike in the classroom environment, creating a connection to what you could experience in your future.

As you scroll, various pieces of information are contained within text boxes having a three-dimensional shadow appearance. The choice only amplifies the dynamic layers between the text and the photographs. Wiggle your mouse up and down a little and watch how the text boxes move to settle in their place.

The playful use of effects continues down the page in the way that the New Digital School presents their information with. The page makes vibrant blue and white boxes listing various core values. Move your mouse over it and watch the simplistically colored boxes transform with text for you to read through. This use of effects on the page keeps things lively and intriguing, making sure you explore every aspect of the page so nothing is left unturned.

The New Digital School built an interactive platform that encourages the exploration of designs on the website, showing the foundation of their program in a user-friendly way. The vibrant color and effects lend a hand to this, bringing visual excitement to the user interaction.

The New Digital School is a great website design Education industry.

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