This Is Tommy Sully Elegant Homepage

This Is Tommy Sully is a website made by Tommy, a web design company focused on rich user experience. It’s a dedicated portfolio space for their work, “The 208 Seconds Experience.” This experience, which was used as a promotional tool for the recent film, “Sully,” brought users through the danger and adrenaline of Captain Sully Sullenberger’s crash landing in the Hudson River.

The site is designed to showcase Tommy's ability to create visually stunning and immersive user experiences. The site begins with this home page, introducing the project and establishing that the website will be a shot-by-shot review of “The 208 Seconds Experience.” By showing the screenshots framed by the exterior of a laptop or tablet, the designer has properly depicted the context of the site. They have directly engaged users in the particular experience of this site. The page effectively communicates that This Is Tommy Sully will be a review of something else, but it uses an interesting graphic element to create a vibrant experience here, as well. The designer clearly understands that no matter what purpose a site serves, it has to be immersive and engaging.

This Is Tommy Sully Elegant About Page

Once again, the designer continues to use illustrated, framing mechanisms to properly contextualize the content and to provide a clear user experience. The “About” page continues to discuss the merits and ideas of “The 208 Second Experience,” while still maintaining the integrity of the review site. The color scheme and graphic palette is consistent across the website, providing a constant interface that locks users deeper into the overall experience.

This Is Tommy Sully Elegant Website

The designer continues to exercise their firm and clear grasp on the nature of the content with this final page in the This Is Tommy Sully’s scrolling experience. Here, users are presented with the focal image of “The 208 Seconds Experience,” which is also the central point of this overview. The designer is a master of integrating the experience of the site into the experience of the review. By properly mirroring the experience onto the site, the designer has effectively communicated the purpose and expertly showcased Tommy’s skill and ability.

This is Tommy Sully is a top website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.