TripAdvisor Clean Website Design Homepage

As the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor provides users with travel information including restaurants, activities, airline travel and accommodations.

Instead of using intricate graphics and artistic typefaces, the TripAdvisor website design keeps everything simple and straightforward; On the homepage, the only large horizontal image is a beach, with a search bar allowing the user to input information for location, dates of travel, and the number of guests.

Users can also search for a hotel stay in the center of the image. Below the search bar is a gallery layout of resorts and hotels with lists of additional hotels in popular destinations underneath.

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TripAdvisor Clean Website Design About Page

The “About Us” page is also very simplistic; it only boasts an image of the TripAdvisor Headquarters centered at the top of the page. Underneath, a paragraph history of TripAdvisor and a list of the staff members with a small headshot and detailed paragraph of their backgrounds fill the white space covering the rest of the page. This page is minimal and simplistic without drawing attention to any one single area of the page -- in line with the rest of the website design.

TripAdvisor Clean Website Design Blog

The blog uses a more creative grid layout and allows for further user interaction. The top of the page displays a large slider containing images with headlines for individual blog posts. Underneath the slider is a modular grid layout of additional blog posts followed by a “load more” button that uploads six more blog posts. 

Aside from the abundant imagery, the typography is professional and consistent with the rest of the website. Despite the change in visual aesthetic, the user will not feel as if they have navigated to a different site.

TripAdvisor utilizes a clean website design that is simplistic and professional. The blog enhances UX and UI by providing creativity that goes along with travel and adventure. The simplicity of the home page and About Us pages allow users to locate the information they need without unnecessary steps in the search process.

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