Unique Blinds Web Design

Standout features:

  • A classy color palette
  • Simple CTA forms
  • Informative content

Unique Blinds is a producer and seller of window drapes and blinds from Toronto whose website, designed by Explore Agency, is a display of professional, corporate-minded aesthetics with a very streamlined color palette.

A dark green filter envelops the opening photograph of an interior above the fold. Fonts in white and copper accents are the only other hues, contributing to a very classy and elegant overall feel.

Although the main menu appears only once the user scrolls back up, the website navigation and its user journey are quite streamlined and fully optimized to educate the visitor on the benefits of using Unique Blinds’s products.

The homepage itself consists of informative messaging bits on the design process, the entire collection of drapes in the brand’s offering, testimonials and articles. To top it all off, there is a very simple form for scheduling a free consultation as an effective means of driving prospects down the funnel.

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