Vice Effective Homepage

Vice Media is a multi-platform media conglomerate known for its gonzo-style reporting and controversial subject matter. Often described as a fountain of youth in the news industry, the Vice website is dedicated to original coverage of contemporary social and political issues.   

The overall simplicity of the Vice website ensures that the actual reporting is what takes center stage. Not exactly what one might expect from a young and hungry media corporation. But it’s true. Forget parallax, jazzy animations, and effects. Here, users will find only the most basic, yet incredibly effective of web design elements.

The fixed navbar on the homepage has only three functions: a hamburger menu located far left, which allows users to navigate to specific areas of reporting; the company logo, which doubles as a home button center; and a drop down menu button for affiliated channels. The hero image features split screen content. To the left is a striking photo, which immediately draws users into the top story. To the right of the image lies a large, bold, black headline. The split image adds contrast, while the clean lines increase readability.

Vice Effective Article Page

Once the top story is clicked, the striking image becomes full size, driving users to deepen their scrolls. All of the article’s text is fixed within a bright white, rectangular content holder.

The white box is an abrupt and sudden contrast to the vivid photograph. It effectively pushes the text forward, and the editorial takes center stage. The huge, bold black headline is striking and impossible to ignore. Thick black bars sandwich the headline between the lead photo and the story, adding drama and impact. These simple geometric patterns and minimalistic elements not only heighten the boldness of the site, but they also work to keep content organized and clean.

Vice Effective Website Design

As the editorials come to life, the site utilizes white space on both sides of the text to ensure that the story remains the center focal point. This also creates a visual magazine-on-the-screen effect for the user, and adds depth to the experience.

Including hyperlinks for supporting sources adds an air of digitalism, but the choice to keep the links black keeps in line with the effective minimal aesthetic and cleanliness of the page. Occasionally photographs, videos, and even social media snapshots breakup the monotony of the text. But these are used sparsely and only to enhance the editorial content, never to detract from the editorial’s natural luster. No matter how far the user’s scroll deepens, each of these design elements hold strong—proving how bold minimalism is perhaps the best way to showcase even the most controversial of content.

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