Wanaka Elegant Homepage

The We Are Wanaka website perfectly combines a monochromatic theme with creative design. Wanaka is a company dedicated to graphic design, branding, web design, and more. Their home page is an immediate testimony of the type of creativity the company employs. Utilizing a simple black, white, and gray color scheme, the home page relies on animation and graphics to get their message across. An image rotates through each letter in the word, “Wanaka.” The realistic designs inside each letter make them stand out on the page.

By scrolling downward from the animation, users are able to dive into an extensive amount of information about the website. This information is presented in segments and divided up by varying background colors. The negative space switches between a solid white and a textured gray to showcase the differences in information being presented. The simple idea is highly effective in creating natural borders on the home page.

Wanaka Elegant Menu

A traveling icon adds not only a quirky side to the website, but also creates a highly useful tool for Wanaka. The icon follows the motion of the user’s cursor as they move around the screen. When the user puts their cursor over the icon, it instantly transforms into a traveling menu.

The creative menu opens from the left side the page, activating a lighting effect that dims down the page behind it. It presents as a horizontal text box, stretching about halfway across the screen. In capitalized black lettering, the page titles are evenly spaced from one another and the edges of the menu for a clean appearance.

Wanaka Elegant Contact Page

With an open door policy, Wanaka makes it easy for users to reach out to the company and find their office. The contact page features a textured gray background and a high-resolution photograph. The company embeds a map that utilizes their logo to outline the location of their office. Users have the option to directly interact with the map, adjusting the view to learn more about the location or open another browser window for directions. Beneath the map, the company’s contact information is laid out in a vertical list. Each bit of information retains its own line, separating it from others for minimal confusion.

With their foundation in design, Wanaka’s website displays a highly creative combination of animations and dynamic illustrations. The contrasting, monochromatic setup makes for a sleek appearance.

Wanaka is an elegant website design in the Arts & Recreation, Professional Services and Technology industries.