Xero Corporate Website Design

Ready to be on the move again and take your business with you everywhere you go so you can make the most of your life? Rely on Xero, the online accounting program that goes wherever you go!

Take Xero everywhere. That’s the initial message given to you as you land on the company’s homepage both written and visually. A stunning picture of a man sitting out in nature checking his business finances gives the most appealing feeling for what the company is able to give you.

And if that’s not enough, a white worded prompt laid over the image can easily be seen and confirms the concept. You get a true sense that the program is something to enhance your life rather than tie you to a computer and that makes you want to learn more!

As you scroll, vibrant blue and white hues alternate down the page as backdrops. Not only is it visually appealing, but it assists in separating ideas as Xero gives a brief introduction to what they have to offer. Miniature illustrations pull on the blue color to drive home the amazing features listed out in a well-organized table. It’s the smallest of touches, but it amps up the impact of everything you could use Xero for.

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Xero Corporate Checkout Page

The features are awesome and you can really see Xero working for you so what do you do? Head on over to the product page! Find out about the different levels of subscriptions available in a dynamic one-line grid. Playing up the blues and grays you’ve become accustomed to, the grid uses these colors to create a visual organization by alternating between them. The choice makes it easy for you to tell the difference between subscription types in a quick moment.

The organization becomes key as Xero makes it incredibly easy for you to understand each and every aspect of the different product levels, creating a list within each part of the grid. The combination is the perfect way for you to absorb as much as possible in a very short period of time, so making your decision is easy.

The great organization created by bold color choices combines with simplicity on Xero’s website to design a pleasant user experience. The choice makes it easy for users to move around the website without getting wrapped up in details, speeding them toward choosing the subscription that’s right for them!

Xero is a corporate website design in the Banking & Finance and Professional Services industries.

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