Yale University Professional Homepage

Yale University. It’s a name you know well. Now, take time to really familiarize yourself with what sets this university apart from others in its league.

Drawing on the university’s colors -- navy and white -- come together to create a sleek and classy combination. White is the page’s foundation while navy acts as a total accent color down the length of the homepage. Meanwhile, pops of green and orange add additional contrast.

Introduce yourself to the latest going on within Yale University website as you scroll down the page. Various articles and news pieces are made readily available in a varying format. The choice to rely on a randomized pattern adds visual variety to the design as well as builds intrigue by keeping your eyes wandering.

Beautiful photographs are partnered with different articles, complementing the stark color scheme and adding a brightness to the page. Overall, it’s a professional design choice that aptly speaks volumes to the kind of university Yale is without ever saying a word.

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Yale University Clean Product Page

Interested in how Yale University can work for you? Peruse through the list of programs the university offers and find the right one for you. A simple presentation creates the best demonstration as the university’s programs are broken down alphabetically.

Gray complements the navy and white color scheme, proving useful as a header for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a strongly visual way to separate the page up and help you move between sections of program titles.

Programs are shown to you in a well organized table. The defined font and the continued use of a lighter gray makes it easy for you to decipher between program titles. The choice allows you to make your way down the entirety of the page both quickly and efficiently as you look for programs that interest you.

To make finding your way around even simpler, look to right side of the page where Yale University adds in a list of filters. Relying on bigger font, the filters stick out as they rely on a contrasting black on white format. It’s the perfect way to assist in your search by giving you complete control in how you narrow down the presented table to suit you best.

Yale University builds on its reputation by employing a classy combination of neutral coloring and strong organization. These two key design elements let users put their full focus into creating a connection with the university and see how the university can work for them.

Yale University is a professional website design in the Education industry.

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