Zero Fat Clean Homepage

Interested in taking weightloss to the next level? In trying something so state of the art it is not likely to be found anywhere else? Zero Fat is the place to look.

Creating state-of-the-art weightloss equipment unlike anything else out there, Zero Fat introduces potential clients to the next wave of weight-loss improvement.

With their equipment focusing on creating a warm glow using heating lamps as athletes work out. To portray this, the company utilizes a series of warm and impressive photographs of their product in the background of their website design.

Using a minimalistic approach, the company combines singular images with only a handful of words strung together to evoke a general curiosity within potential clients.

Words are centered in the middle of the page and are written in a bold sans serif font to keep them the main focus.

To create a bordered effect, the company uses a white header and a white footer to frame the product photographs, achieving a clean appearance.

As potential clients scroll through the various photographs and messages about the product, the images move seamlessly into one another within the header-footer border.

From the home page, potential clients are able to access a hamburger menu from the upper left-hand corner.

The menu opens up over the current page being viewed and utilizes a simple white negative space. Here, the various pages of the website are organized in a single column down the center of the page, using a center alignment for each word.

Whatever page is currently being viewed is pointed out with an underscore so site visitors know where they are on the website.

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Zero Fat Clean Contact Page

Zero Fat is not a product to be bought in stores. In fact, it can only be purchased through the company, which is why they make it easy to reach out and contact them.

With an inquiry form accessible through the menu and at the top of every page, potential clients are given a plugin form they can fill out to submit to the company when they are interested in owning their own Zero Fat light therapy equipment.

The inquiry page is presented in an uncomplicated format, making use of a large negative space to put all the focus on the form itself.

All in all, Zero fat is a high-end website design that is effective in communicating the brand, easy on the eyes, and simple to engage with. 

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