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Petar Pesic
By Petar Pesic
Last updated: February 21, 2024
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10 Best Website Designs of All Time

1. Apple's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Consistent branding
  • Minimalist design
  • Product Showcase

Ever since its inception back in 1997, Apple’s website shines bright among the best web designs with its sleek, modern minimalism, intuitive interface, and consistent branding. Similar to its cutting-edge products, over the years it went through drastic facelifts, both aesthetically and performance-wise. Apple invented something that we could only deem “consistent reinventing” as despite numerous changes website always boasted a stylish, monochromatic palette and ample negative space where products could dazzle visitors and effortlessly convert them to buyers. According to SEMrush, only in October 2023, received a whopping 810 million visits!

Although not the first to employ it, Apple was the first to fully embrace minimalism, decades before it became an industry norm. Apple’s website became THE trend to mimic. Nowadays, millions of websites aim to emulate its presentation, with varying results. Apple's online presence, founded on minimal, clean layouts and user-friendly features, sets the industry standard, proving that simplicity, efficiency, and brand consistency are paramount in impactful web design.

2. Space Jam's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Nostalgia on display
  • Lasting user-centricity
  • Simplicity

Beyond its newfound meme-driven acclaim, the Space Jam website transcends the mere nostalgia trip into 90s web design. Amidst the whimsy of repeating patterns and Memphis-style aesthetics, it becomes a testament to the art of bending rules effectively within the right context. While seemingly "plagued" by dated trends, the website imparts invaluable lessons for web designers. Notably, it remains a vivid example of audience-centric design, originally crafted for children, yet now embraced by thirty-somethings fueled by nostalgia.

Its remarkable longevity, over 27 years and counting, underscores the enduring power of simplicity and consistent branding, proving that these principles stand the test of time regardless of the evolving design landscape.

3. Netflix's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • User-centric design
  • Personalized experience
  • Interactive elements

Netflix may not be a pioneer in the streaming industry, but it set standards that genuinely reshaped our civilization’s collective past time. In fact, the average user spends 40 minutes on Netflix daily. Their website design is equally contagious, and influential.

Web designers can learn a lot from Netflix’s web design, primarily its user-centric interface, seamless adaptability to trends, responsiveness, visual appeal, global accessibility, innovative features, and most importantly cutting-edge personalization.

Netflix's streaming platform excels in user experience through an intuitive interface that organizes content into clear rows, emphasizing personalized recommendations based on viewing history. The clean, image-focused layout provides a convenient overview of titles, accompanied by smooth transitions and hover effects for additional information. The moody web design, with a black background and iconic red accents, creates a theater-like atmosphere for optimal streaming. The brand's commitment to interactive elements, like secret categories, reflects its intuitive approach, making the website both engaging and user-friendly.

4. Amazon's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Focus on functionality
  • Minimal design
  • Convenient features

The Amazon website stands at the top of eCommerce design, wielding immense power in the modern digital landscape. First built in the late 90s, when aesthetic appeal differed wildly from today’s standards, Amazon aimed for a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and seamless purchasing process from its inception, becoming a blueprint for anyone who seeks to tap into the power of eCommerce. It has redefined online shopping, setting industry standards with its minimalist design, emphasis on functionality, and most importantly placing products at the forefront.

The platform's impact extends beyond mere design, shaping consumer expectations and challenging traditional retail models along every step. According to SEMrush, the king of eCommerce received 4.17 billion visits in October 2023 alone! With convenient features like one-click purchasing and personalized recommendations driven by powerful algorithms, Amazon has elevated user experience to new heights. Its responsive design and efficient search functionalities contribute to a satisfying and efficient shopping experience.

5. Google's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Professionally focused sub-sections and tools
  • Timeless design
  • Ever-improving algorithm

Though it’s arguably less of a website, the world’s powerful search engine successfully powered the web design industry ever since its arrival in 1998. It has become so ingrained in our digital culture that Merriam-Webster added “googling” to the dictionary as one of the most commonly used transitive verbs. And it reigns supreme as more than 97% of all mobile searches ride on Google (79% of desktop searches, according to Net Market Share).

Impressive as it may be, Google affects the world of the best website designs beyond its primary features. It’s easy on the eyes, dynamic, mastering UI/UX formula at every turn. Any important date, global or local, is celebrated with beautiful illustrations, animation, music, and interactive games that help users simultaneously learn and have fun – a powerful combo that every reputable web designer tries to emulate to skyrocket their projects.

6. Reddit's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Simple, bare-bones design
  • Growing community
  • User-generated content

Online forums are as old as the internet itself, but none have ruled the discussion boards undisputedly as Reddit. Created back in 2005, Reddit was shaped by user-generated content, making it a combination story-and-reaction hub. Therefore, the design had to be characterized by simplicity, and functionality with clean and straightforward layouts. The notion of melding interesting, often obscure, and hot topics resulted in a vast fan community, i.e., hundreds of millions of users who generate tens of billions of page views annually, giving rise to a site slogan: “The front page of the internet.” According to BankMyCell, Reddit is expected to reach 70 million daily users by 2025!

Despite its shallow design, Reddit is seemingly endless. What can professional web designers learn from that? It’s simple, combining the democratic approach to content curation and building loyal communities while limiting your graphic potential guarantees success.

7. Facebook's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Consistent design updates
  • Prominent branding
  • Ever-expanding features

Friendster and MySpace may have discovered the magic formula and were arguably prettier, but Facebook is where everything is. Young guns like Instagram and TikTok may exponentially grow in popularity, but the big blue stagnant beast is far from leaving its throne as the largest social media platform on the market.

Founded by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the early 2000s as a way to profile Harvard classmates, it has become so much more. Even today, more than two billion users frequent Facebook regularly, every month. While it always boasted clean, on-brand, and user-friendly UI, the site has also gone through major design updates and functionality changes, evolving from a way to stay in touch with friends and relatives, to a digital highway through which both news (and propaganda) zip freely.

Facebook web design became a jumping-off point, a proven blueprint web design historians must consider when it comes to mastery over user experience.

8. IMDB's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Reliability
  • Vintage appeal
  • Structured databases

Just as Netflix soloed the streaming market for years, so has iMDB complimented it as the most reliable movie/show database out there. With the Apple TV, Disney +, HBOGo, Amazon Prime, and Hulu trailing closely behind Netflix, iMDB had its own contenders, primarily Metacritic and RottenTomatoes. Both, in our opinion, stood their ground, with impeccable quality and design.

What started as a series of fan lists became the go-to stop for anyone looking to find out the ratings of the latest blockbuster, or simply to see who “that guy from that thing” was. With over 16M featured titles, iMDB became an invaluable instrument in keeping track of both television/streaming shows, movies, and video game history.

From a designer's standpoint, IMDb employs a clean and structured layout, ensuring a seamless UX for navigating vast databases. The use of a minimalistic, almost retro design approach allows the content to take center stage, with a straightforward top navigation bar aiding quick access to essential features. IMDb's signature yellow color scheme adds a touch of vibrancy without overwhelming the UI.

9. YouTube's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Global accessibility
  • Monetization options for creators
  • User-generated content

YouTube has come a long way since 2005 and its first, “Me at the Zoo” video. Today it has become a go-to global video-sharing platform and a diverse content hub that is ranked as one of the most visited websites of all time, eclipsed only by Google Search.

Hosting a constant stream of user-generated videos, educational content, and entertainment, YouTube serves as a global platform for individuals to share stories, skills, and creativity. With a slew of monetization opportunities for creators, it has propelled careers and inspired a sense of community. Most importantly, YouTube’s global accessibility fosters international connections, making it a vital cultural and informational bridge. According to Data Reporter YouTube will have at least 2.6 billion regular users by the end of 2023.

Since its humble beginnings in shaping and reflecting the online landscape, design-wise, YouTube has changed a lot to prioritize an optimal viewing experience. Its signatures are a clean and intuitive layout and a personalized homepage recommending videos based on user preferences. The consistent use of the iconic red play button against a white background maintains brand identity while responsive design allows seamless transitions across devices, and dark mode enhances user comfort.

10. Craigslist's Website Design

Standout Features:

  • Text-centric listings
  • Simplistic design
  • Extensive Categories

If design were synonymous with aesthetics, Craiglist could not go the distance. However, although it has never been much of a looker, it has become somewhat of a profitable anomaly, a giant notice board, and an ad megaplatform.

Long before its specialized spiritual successors that help you find a date by swiping your smartphone, or endless searching for part-time work opportunities, there was Craigslist. Although it’s considered a living fossil, the site remains a popular destination for real estate and job listings. According to SEMrush and a study from March 2022, Craigslist receives a quarter of a billion visits every month!

Its influences, however, extend beyond the confines of the World Wide Web, as many industry professionals attribute a significant part of the newspaper industry’s decline to the shift from print ads to online ones. Craiglist’s UI features a straightforward layout with text-based listings and minimal graphics. Its design, while basic, facilitates easy navigation, allowing users to swiftly access any ad. Craigslist's intentional lack of modern visual elements contributes to its timeless and universally understandable design.

Best Website Designs 2023 - 2024

Best Website Designs of 2022

Best Website Designs 2022
Interos' Website Design

Interos' website design represents the pinnacle of the best website designs, navigating users seamlessly through the brand’s revolutionary SaaS platform. With its streamlined, user-friendly layout, the site mirrors the company's mission of supply chain visibility.

The on-brand color palette reflects technical prowess, while clever illustrations balance complex content, providing a visually pleasing and informative digital experience. Explore the peak of web design with Interos and witness the convergence of innovation and aesthetic appeal firsthand.

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Interos' Web Design
Petrachor's Website Design

Petrachor's website seamlessly blends simplicity with sophisticated blockchain technology. It's a gateway to understanding cryptocurrencies, offering tools for mining, NFT creation, and more. Like the best website designs, the intuitive interface ensures easy navigation.

The striking color palette captivates the user's attention. The site addresses common blockchain challenges and establishes Petrachor as a knowledgeable leader in the crypto world. Dive into Petrachor’s digital realm and discover the power and potential of blockchain, redefined through this exemplary website design!

View our editor's full thoughts on Petrachor's web design.
Petrachor's Web Design
Everybody Is Beautiful Med Spa's Website Design

Everybody Is Beautiful Med Spa's website is one of the best web designs, with its sleek interface and stunning visuals. Navigating through this beautifully crafted digital space is a breeze, thanks to clear menu options and comprehensive product categorization.

Engaging statements in bold typography inspire visitors, while rich iconography and strategically placed CTA buttons enhance engagement and conversion. This website not only showcases beauty treatments; it also transforms the user experience into an elegant journey of discovery. Immerse yourself in Everybody Is Beautiful Med Spa's online world, where every digital interaction embodies beauty and elegance.

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Everybody Is Beautiful Med Spa's Web Design
ConverseNow's Website Design

ConverseNow's website exemplifies the best web design by merging simplicity with sophistication, translating complex tech into an easily navigable and engaging experience. With its clean typography and minimalistic design, the website effectively communicates ConverseNow's innovative services.

Ample negative space drives attention to key messages, enhancing readability and user engagement. The intuitive menu bar, offering just a few essential options and a prominent CTA, ensures a smooth and enjoyable user journey. Discover the future of restaurant technology with ConverseNow's website, combining advanced AI with elegant design.

View our editor's full thoughts on ConverseNow's web design.
ConverseNow's Web Design
Victoria Roggio's Website Design

Victoria Roggio Beauty's website masterfully translates the brand's renowned minimalist aesthetic to the online world. It shines among the top website designs with a symphony of bright, captivating visuals set in a clean, airy layout with subtle tan accents.

High-resolution images showcase the essence of clean beauty. The streamlined navigation leads visitors through a curated selection of non-toxic, sustainably produced products. Explore a digital space where clarity and elegance converge in the refined world of Victoria Roggio Beauty's online presence.

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Victoria Roggio's Web Design
Loeffler Randall's Website Design

Loeffler Randall's website is one of the best web designs for marrying elegance with user-friendly simplicity. This platform, crafted with the modern, dynamic woman in mind, offers a smooth and transparent browsing experience. The design strategy emphasizes high-resolution images within a minimalist framework, ensuring a straightforward and engaging journey for every visitor.

Its intuitive navigation, with a sticky menu and comprehensive filters, effortlessly guides users to their desired products. Dive into Loeffler Randall’s realm of chic minimalism, each detail harmoniously aligning with the brand's sophisticated aesthetic.

View our editor's full thoughts on Loeffler Randall's web design.
Loeffler Randall's Web Design
Andermatt’s Website Design

Andermatt Swiss Watches' website displays the pinnacle of the best web designs by mirroring the brand's commitment to elegance and precision. It showcases a refined and minimalist layout that highlights their exquisite collection. With an immersive intro video capturing the Swiss Alps' majesty and the boutique's allure, the site artfully balances visual splendor with user-friendly navigation.

Large, elegant typography and strategic use of white space further accentuate the brand's sophistication. Experience the merging of luxury and digital artistry on Andermatt's website, where timekeeping excellence meets online elegance.

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Andermatt's Web Design
EV Universe's Website Design

EV Universe's website fuels the electric vehicle market with its cutting-edge pages, making it one of the top web designs in the industry. This online hub dazzles with dynamic visuals and interactive features, driving users through an electrifying digital experience. The futuristic vibe is a clear standout from the top website designs.

Custom-made fonts and bold colors elevate the interface; they capture the essence of state-of-the-art technology. Ingenious micro-animations power every click, turning even car showcases into compelling calls to action. Step into the fast lane of digital innovation with EV Universe's website, engineered for maximum engagement and conversion.

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EV Universe's Web Design
Baunfire’s Website Design

Baunfire's website is a prime example of harmonizing creativity with professionalism, solidifying its position among the best website designs. The site invites users with its ingenious use of motion graphics and effective "scrolly-telling," effectively narrating the agency's journey. Its color scheme exudes sophistication and artistry, while the sticky navigation menu blends functionality with a compelling call to action. The site's bold effects and captivating visual presentation stir interest and retain visitors. Dive into a world of creativity and digital excellence with Baunfire!

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Baunfire's Web Design
Classy's Website Design

Classy's website design is the epitome of elegant simplicity. It skillfully balances a minimalistic approach with vivid color schemes, creating an inviting and professional online space. It's a clear frontrunner among the top website designs by focusing on clear messaging and legible typography. Its responsive layout ensures a fluid and consistent user experience across multiple devices.

The website's intuitive navigation guides visitors effortlessly, embodying its mission of making impactful connections. Experience the fusion of creativity and functionality in Classy's superb web design, a distinguished example in the fundraising sector.

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Classy's Web Design

Best Website Designs of 2021

Best Website Designs2021
The Un Known
The Un Known's Website Design

The Un Known's website design immediately captivates visitors with its dynamic and artistic flair. It stands out as one of the best web designs for blending sleek animation with a user-friendly interface. It offers a unique browsing experience that mirrors the creative spirit of the Montreal-based agency.

Its bold typography and strategic micro-animations amplify the brand's innovative approach. The website's unconventional layout challenges norms while maintaining seamless navigation. Dive into this visual adventure and witness how The Un Known's website design reshapes standard digital experiences with its artistic prowess and technical finesse!

View our editor's full thoughts on the Un Known's web design.
The Un Known's Web Design
Forty Ninth Living's Website Design

Forty Ninth Living's website design showcases how a real estate website should function: elegantly and efficiently. It is an excellent pillar of the best web designs in the real estate industry because it streamlines the property search with intuitive navigation and exudes modern sophistication through its color scheme and typography.

The "Find Your Unit" feature ingeniously simplifies the hunt for the perfect home, offering a seamless user experience. Immerse yourself in the refined world of Forty Ninth Living and discover a website where every detail is crafted to enhance your journey toward finding your dream home.

View our editor's full thoughts on Forty Ninth Living's web design.
Forty Ninth Living's Web Design
Bold Botanica’s Website Design

Bold Botanica's website is one of the best designs because of its harmonious blend of nature and scientific innovation. It combines captivating videos and crisp images to showcase the brand's commitment to sustainability. The layout shines with minimalism, complemented by a refreshing color scheme that underscores the brand's identity.

Straightforward, bold typography and streamlined navigation guide users through an engaging experience. Get inspired by an interface where nature's purity is reflected in every digital element on Bold Botanica's website.

View our editor's full thoughts on Bold Botanica's web design.
Bold Botanica's Web Design
Scepter & Sword's Website Design

The Scepter & Sword website captivates with its horizontal scrolling and majestic, painting-style imagery. An evident best web design stunner, seamlessly blending bold visuals and storytelling that celebrate female empowerment. Its unique approach to navigation and striking visual elements, like the symbolic scepter, turn each visit into an engaging journey through history and wine.

Discover an exquisite digital experience featuring art, history, and modern design through the Scepter & Sword website, a gleaming example of innovative web design.

View our editor's full thoughts on Scepter & Sword's web design.
Scepter & Sword's Web Design
Sefa Spices' Web Design

Among the best web designs, Sefa Spices' website stands out because of its simplistic structure and tasteful color palette. The site's subtle yet effective use of pastel shades against a clean white background enhances each product’s allure. While the site elements highlight the vibrancy of the spices and make them visually irresistible.

The website boasts a user-friendly navigation, facilitating an enjoyable and efficient shopping experience. Explore how minimalism and strategic color choices can transform an eCommerce site into a stunning marketplace!

View our editor's full thoughts on Sefa Spices' web design.
Sefa Spices' Web Design
Tecnam's Website Design

Tecnam's website is easily recognized as one of the best web designs because of its beautiful “scrollytelling” feature brought to life by motion graphics. This technique weaves the brand’s rich legacy into an engaging narrative. A sophisticated color palette of gold, navy, and dark teal adds a touch of luxury, while the mix of serif and sans-serif fonts ensures content legibility.

Side navigation is an inventive feature that showcases aircraft models interactively. Dive into this web design that captures Tecnam's essence and sets a new standard in creative digital storytelling.

View our editor's full thoughts on Tecnam's web design.
Tecnam's Web Design
Amanda Braga's Website Design

Amanda Braga's website is a masterclass in effortless elegance with its impressive one-page layout, immediately joining the ranks of the best web designs. The site enthralls visitors with an inviting pair of bold typography and a dynamic color palette, each scroll revealing a new chapter of Amanda's journey.

This design showcases her creations and becomes an interactive storytelling medium, inviting fashion enthusiasts to explore and connect with Amanda Braga's unique vision. Step into an online portal where fashion meets digital artistry on this exceptional website!

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Amanda Braga's Web Design
Squaredot's Website Design

Squaredot's website marries minimalism with dynamic, on-brand motion effects. Like the best website designs, it guides visitors through a seamless journey of discovery. The site wows visitors with its unconventional messaging and engaging animations emphasizing the agency's focus on innovation.

Its user-friendly navigation and intuitive menu design enhance the user experience. The site's effective use of micro-animations breathes life into its content, subtly highlighting key services and brand values. These features, plus its ability to guide visitors through a seamless journey of discovery, make it one of the best web designs developers can take inspiration from!

View our editor's full thoughts on Squaredot's web design.
Squaredot's Web Design
Action Mary’s Web Design

Action Mary's website takes its rightful spot among the best web designs today because it displays uniqueness and professionalism using vibrant colors and approachable visual language. Its bold visuals and humanized messaging diverge from typical corporate styles, focusing on compassionate branding.

The intuitive navigation leads users through a journey filled with educational elements, ensuring a seamless experience. Witness the merging of playful and professional branding with Action Mary's website, a visual feast that turns branding into an art form.

View our editor's full thoughts on Action Mary's web design.
Action Mary's Web Design
Blackbird Cigar's Website Design

Blackbird Cigar's website stunningly portrays modern hedonism with bold imagery and striking orange accents. It's a clear cut among the best website designs, particularly in its niche, for its vibrant royal blue background and captivating illustrations that resonate with a younger audience.

The site's streamlined user experience across all devices is complemented by fast loading times and easy navigation. Dive into a unique visual journey with Blackbird Cigar's website, where contemporary design meets traditional luxury to create an unforgettable online experience!

View our editor's full thoughts on Blackbird Cigar's web design.
Blackbird Cigar's Web Design

The Design Research Process

Our design research process is a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving landscape of website design. We search the web, contact brands and agencies, and evaluate the designs worthy of being part of our collection. To be acknowledged among the best web designs, one must master innovation, trends, impact, functionality, user experience, and even branding. 

Designs that manage to transcend expectations and take web aesthetics to the next level gain recognition, and the finest among them may advance further and compete for the title of Design Award winner. 

If you believe your design embodies these principles, you too can submit it for consideration, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of web design excellence. 

Best Designs 2023

Website Designs Award - February 2024

Wanted For Nothing's Website Design Highlights the Agency's Unconventional Thinking Through an Interactive, Modern UI

Logo Design Award - January 2024

Pluggy's Logo Design Exudes Brilliance With Vibrant Visuals and Bold Typography

Print Design Award - February 2024

The Spectrum of Consciousness Print Design Stimulates the Mind With Chakra-Inspired Elements

App Design Award - February 2024

The FinDXB App Design Offers a Smooth Online Banking Experience Through Sleek and Stylish UI

Packaging Design Award - February 2024

The Lee Jeans Packaging Design Boosts Product Appeal Through Elevated Branding

Video Design Award - February 2024

SHISEIDO Showcases Beautiful Skin and Emotional Transformation Through the Mood Metamorphosis Video Design

Best Website Designs FAQ

How are the best websites designed?

The best websites are designed through a strategic process that involves understanding the target audience, defining clear objectives, and employing user-centric design principles. This process typically includes research, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and iterative design. This way, the designer ensures the site is aesthetically appealing and functionally effective. 

EV Universe’s website design by Digital Silk exemplifies this. The site features a custom font, color scheme, and electric microanimations. These elements, combined with interactive CTAs and a user-friendly layout, resonate with EV Universe's tech-savvy audience. It shows how a thorough design process rooted in understanding user preferences can create a stunning, intuitive, and engaging website! 

What is the most important thing when designing a website?

The most important thing to consider when designing a website is user experience (UX). It shapes how effortlessly users can navigate the site, comprehend the information, and engage with various page elements. Effective UX design is pivotal in keeping visitors engaged and converting them into loyal customers or followers. 

A compelling example of UX-centric design is the Vitera website by Artware. The site excels in personalization by suggesting tea flavors based on the user's current mood, creating a tailored shopping experience.  

The sticky menu with a shopping cart provides easy navigation. Such focus on intuitive design and personalized interaction showcases how a strong emphasis on UX can create a user-friendly website. 

How much is a good website design?

A good website design costs anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000. However, the price can vary based on certain factors: 

  • The website's size and complexity 
  • The number of landing pages 
  • The designer's experience 
  • The specific features and functionalities needed 

For example, a global eCommerce website like Sephora would cost around $200,000. Its vast product catalog, complex integrations, and high-traffic requirements might need a highly customized and scalable website. This could involve custom development, advanced features, and ongoing maintenance and support. 

Meanwhile, you can expect to spend around $14,000 for a blog with a content management setup, commenting system, and social media integration. 

It all comes down to the use case and features; the actual cost of your website will depend on your unique requirements. 

What do most website designers use?

Most website designers use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for crafting visual content. They also utilize platforms like WordPress, known for its flexibility and user-friendliness. Additionally, many designers use prototyping tools like Sketch and Figma for creating mockups and visualizing the website's layout and user experience. Choosing which tools to use often depends on the desired functionality of the website. 

Here are the tools most professional website designers use:   

Design ToolBest ForQuick Links
FigmaUI design and team collaboration 
WixEasy and template-based web development 
WordPressBeginners; Vast library of customizable websites 
WebflowAdvanced and responsive web design 
Google Web Designer Basic, HTML5-based web projects 

Do professional designers use Wix?

Yes, Wix is a popular choice among professional website designers, especially those with clients who prefer a user-friendly platform for future self-management. You may see the top agencies specializing in Wix web design here. 

What are the 7 rules of effective website design?

Effective website design adheres to several key principles to meet user needs and business goals: 

Where can I send my designs for consultation?

If you want your website designs reviewed for exclusive feedback and a chance to be featured on DesignRush, you can send them to for free. This is an excellent opportunity to gain professional insights without any cost. 

However, if you want to get recognized by our Best Web Design Jury and possibly win the Best Web Design Award, this service costs $75 per submission. You’ll get in-depth feedback from top experts in the field, which can help hone your design skills and make your mark in the industry! 

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