Crocs In The Wild: The Highsnobiety Fashion Campaign Bringing Crocs Back In Style

Crocs In The Wild: The Highsnobiety Fashion Campaign Bringing Crocs Back In Style

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: November 24, 2022

Crocs, the American footwear company behind the famous foam clogs, has gone from being a staple at-home footwear to a fashion item in the 20 years since it first appeared on the market in 2002.

Global lifestyle and fashion media brand Highsnobiety teamed up with LA-based creative agency Florence to develop the Crocumentary, a three-part advertising campaign and something of a love letter to Crocs.

Humorously titled “Crocs In The Wild,” the campaign is styled as a spoof nature documentary dedicated to the most unpredictable of footwear trends, Crocs. Following three species of “Croc-wearers” in their natural habitats, the Crocumentary brings to light the versatility of the foam clogs in terms of practicality, style and design.

The first species viewers encounter is the Collectus-Originatus, or rather Jill The Superfan. An avid lover of Crocs since the beginning, she represents the buyer that has a deep knowledge of the Crocs brand and an extensive collection of various models of Crocs. However, Highsnobiety and Florence believe she is best suited to the Crocs Classic Clog model, now available in a variety of colors and patterns.

(Source: Highsnobiety/Crocs In The Wild)

Up next is Beatrice The Chef, also known as the Crocodylus-Classicus. Described as “the foremost creeper to put function over fashion,” this species puts comfort and durability first, as is the case with Beatrice working long hours in the kitchen. The Crocs Specialist II Clog are the official recommendation for all customers with similar needs as Beatrice. This model is waterproof, easy to clean, lightweight and non-slip.

(Source: Highsnobiety/Crocs In The Wild)

Lastly comes the Influencias-Maximus, or rather The Influencer who in this campaign is referred to as Cosmo. The Influencias-Maximus has elevated Crocs to their fashion potential, customizing them with a variety of Croc Charms based on their personal style. Worn by the likes of celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Justin Bieber, the Crocs Mega Crush model is Highsnobiety’s recommendation due to its unique silhouette and individuality.

(Source: Highsnobiety/Crocs In The Wild)

“Crocs have become so ubiquitous, and the way people wear them is so varied; this campaign celebrates how Crocs have come to play a role in the lives of every kind of Crocs-lover.” said Anthony Pham, director and photographer behind the “Crocs In The Wild” campaign.

The collaboration between Highsnobiety and Florence certainly puts Crocs in the forefront, making the point that there is a pair of Crocs out there for everyone.

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