By 2025, almost 100 million people are forecasted to work in the AI field. DesignRush talked to Daniel Shapiro Of about AI’s potential, risks, dangers and ethics of its development.


According to We Forum, almost 100 million will work in the AI space by 2025. But given the latest impressive breakthroughs in the field, like the rise of ChatGPT, the future of AI not only provides endless possibilities but also raises concerns and uncertainty, particularly about the job market.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, interviewed CTO Daniel Shapiro to learn about the potential of AI, its risks, dangers and the ethics of its development.

Interview highlights include:

  • How far AI has developed
  • The industries in which AI shows the most potential for success
  • The jobs that AI brings at risks
  •’s challenges in adapting the framework and the model to each industry’s needs
  • The company’s AI projects for the federal government sector
  • Its partnerships with leading brands such as Amazon and NVIDIA and the key differences in approach and technologies when collaborating with them
  • How far we are from a true conscious AI

Get to know these and more in the full Spotlight interview.

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