75% of website credibility is based on a website’s overall design. DesignRush recognizes Lift Agency for its professional and engaging website design for Vectornator.

MIAMI - JUNE 29, 2022

According to WebFX, 94% of customer’s first impressions are design-related. In fact, 75% of a website credibility is based on a website’s overall design. This suggests that for a brand aiming to introduce its product to consumers, a well-designed website is non-negotiable.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, through its Best Design Awards program, recognizes Lift Agency for its outstanding work on Vectornator website design.

The website design for Vectornator, an app for illustration design, layout mockups, and typography creation, relies on a strong combination of user experience, legibility and quality messaging.

The UX design agency had a challenging task — to deliver a creative design that aims to persuade professional and aspiring designers about the app’s quality and integrity.

It successfully managed to showcase the app’s capabilities and functionalities through design highlights such as:

  • Full-screen background graphics and a very brief, to-the-point messaging to introduce the app
  • Clearly visible and colorful call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • An animated line inviting users to scroll down and further explore the site
  • A homepage background that transitions to how the app looks on a device
  • Strong social proof including the number of downloads and average rating score to make an impact on users
  • A sticky main menu that facilitates navigation
  • Brightly colored imagery on a dark background and vibrant illustrations within a tablet screen to keep the users’ focus on the app’s features
  • Strategically placed boxes of text and illustrations to allow for good layout flow
  • Usage of Inter font (from the Google font library) to ensure the website copy is legible and understandable
  • Concise, benefit-driven copy to convince and educate the users
  • A mix of large headings, short paragraphs, and bullet points to increase readability
  • A switch from dark to light mode in the blog section to ensure users easily consume the informative content
  • And more

Explore the full design and expert analysis here.

According to Kattalin Idarreta, marketing director at Lift Agency, the Best Design Award helped increase website traffic, leads, and ROI. It also complemented the agency’s SEO and branding efforts and supported reaching their KPIs.

“Within one month, the article attracted around 200 users to our site,” said Idarreta.“ They were mainly from industries we haven't worked with before. And the main project we got was 25k USD. Winning the Best Design Award, alongside the rest of our marketing action plan, has supported reaching our KPIs. We got access to a new pool of clients we wouldn't have reached otherwise. We find the exposure and generated traffic valuable for the SEO and the Agency.”

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