Salespeople make around eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect. DesignRush, a B2B Marketplace, helps professional agencies generate leads more effectively and efficiently.


On average, salespeople make eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect, as shared by The Brevet Group. Prospecting has never been more challenging as clients receive offers for services online with plenty of service providers to choose from.

It is why many businesses and agencies are looking to invest in new lead-generation channels that work.

Competing in a highly saturated market, The Deciding Factor, an Ohio-based digital marketing agency, decided to join DesignRush Marketplace to find additional ways to increase business development efforts.

By joining the Marketplace, the company has secured exclusive access to carefully vetted projects that match their competencies and cost of service offerings.

According to Karen Meyers Holzer, president of The Deciding Factor, the agency is happy with the service and project opportunities received.

“I am happy with the service so far,” said Holzer. “For the most part, the projects are as described in the opportunities sent out and the budgets reflect the amount that is listed.”

Through the DesignRush Marketplace, the agency managed to secure:

  • A digital advertising and social media contract for a software development company
  • A few projects for a healthcare software company

Holzer described the process of joining the Marketplace as easy to follow and understand. She also noted that most successful projects have turned into long-term partnerships.

“The most successful projects have turned from projects into year-long contracts with additional work.”

She also added that the Marketplace is making a difference in their sales process and that she would recommend it to other businesses and fellow agencies.

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