Being reluctant to ask for what deserved is one of the biggest challenges women face in their professions. DesignRush speaks to Kathy Caprino about her career story and international success as a career coach.

MIAMI - MARCH 10, 2023

According to Kathy Caprino, international career and leadership coach, reluctance to ask for what they deserve (70%), isolating from influential support (71%) and losing sight of their thrilling dreams (76%) are some of the key challenges women face in their professions.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, interviewed Kathy - Caprino to learn about the most damaging power gaps that negatively impact professional women as well as to hear her own story and what it took to achieve international success.

Interview highlights include:

  • Kathy’s early career beginnings and rising to a VP position
  • Her career switch after spending 18 years in corporate life
  • Major challenges women face today in their professions
  • First steps to pursuing your dream job if you're unsatisfied with your current career
  • Secrets to being featured in over 200 leading newspapers
  • Reason for the launch of the Finding Brave podcast and how she picks her guests
  • Type of courses she offers and for who they are most suitable
  • Importance of networking for professional and personal growth
  • Strategies and initiatives Kathy implemented to support the "Finding Brave" movement

Get to know these and more in the full Spotlight interview.

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