98% of the world's top one million websites do not offer full accessibility to all of their visitors, including people with disabilities. DesignRush has partnered with accessiBe, an AI-powered web accessibility solution, to address the key reasons websites should be ADA compliant.

MIAMI - JUNE 10, 2022

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 26% of US adults live with some form of disability. Also, three-quarters of them claim to use the internet on a daily basis, Pew Research Center reports. Yet, in their research, accessiBe found out that 98% of the world's top one million websites fail to offer full accessibility.

This suggests that most businesses are missing the opportunity to offer a user-friendly experience on their websites to the entirety of their potential audience, hence failing to engage and convert these users.

To make sure businesses provide a unified website experience to people with disabilities, DesignRush partnered with accessiBe, an AI-powered web accessibility solution, to share the key reasons websites should be ADA Compliant.

DesignRush users can exclusively take advantage of the tool’s free demo and get a 20% commission for every client's website they make accessible with accessiBe.

The key reasons to make your website accessible are:

1) Expand Your Customer Base

The American Institute for Research (AIR) found out that people with disabilities in the US have almost half a trillion dollars in disposable income. If your website is not ADA compliant or if it fails to offer full accessibility, you are missing out on the purchasing power of millions of potential customers.

2) Avoid Penalties

With the increased number of businesses that operate online, lawsuits around ADA compliance have become more frequent.

Even unintentionally, failing to meet ADA standards can result in:

  • Legal fees
  • PR issues
  • The costs of building ADA compliant website

It suggests that businesses should follow the recommendations of the US Department of Justice on ADA compliance guidelines and ensure their websites offer an intuitive user experience.

3) Improve Your SEO Efforts

As search engines evolve, their web crawlers pay more attention to human intention. Google prioritizes ranking websites built with web accessibility and the ADA guidelines in mind.

Therefore, websites that adhere to ADA guidelines rank better in search results than websites that are not ADA compliant. This increases the chances of getting a greater amount of traffic.

4) Save Money in the Long Run

While some business owners believe that the ADA website compliance is a large financial undertaking, it can actually save money and effort in the long run.

Needless to say, a lawsuit may cost you much more than a web redesign in the future.

5) Be Socially Responsible & Improve Your Business Reputation

Above everything else, the ADA prohibits discrimination. Hence, making your website accessible is an act that implies that your business is socially responsible and cares about the best interests of disabled people.

An additional benefit is that this act will help establish a reputable presence online, showing that you treat all your potential consumers the same.

For more information on what ADA compliance is and how to make your website fully ADA compliant, visit: https://www.designrush.com/agency/software-development/trends/what-is-ada-compliance.

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