Cost reduction is a major reason for project outsourcing, but are businesses doing it right? DesignRush reached out to experts to discover some of the biggest software development outsourcing mistakes.


A Deloitte survey suggests that the major reasons businesses outsource projects are cost reduction, flexibility and speed to market. This trend isn’t expected to slow down and, in fact, the spending on IT services is projected to reach $1.3 trillion worldwide in 2022, as reported by Statista.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 16,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the mistakes businesses should avoid when outsourcing software development.


Softkit Founder and CTO Vitalii Samofa shares that businesses shouldn’t miss the product launch or it may result in increased costs and decreased value.

“Develop an MVP for over half a year and not release the project,” said Samofa. “In my experience working in an outsourcing company, I saw five projects with three years of average development time that didn't go into production. You must target to go on the market asap, otherwise, the delay can expand costs and decrease the scope and quality of product launch activities.”


Nicolas Bonnefoy, CTO at the Web3 venture studio ERA2140, claims that being "financially" involved in the clients' projects is the best way to develop successful software and reach the goals of both parties.

“Before, our customers wanted to work on a fixed price basis, but working in Web3 and in blockchain requires a lot of innovation and R&D time which is not measurable at the start,” said Bonnefoy. “Projects constantly evolved over time and we were forced to cut features to fit the budget. Then we moved to the Venture Studio model. Being incentivized in the project guarantees quality and investment for the client and for us, a win-win model."


According to Ritesh Agarwal, director and lead developer at Appycodes, not spending enough time on key details such as documenting and detailing deliverables can result in disputes.

"When it comes to outsourcing software development, businesses often miss spending adequate time in documenting & detailing the deliverables, and clearly stating inclusions & exclusions from the scope of work,” said Agarwal. “This leads to expectation gap, and is the most common reason for disputes.”

Sourabh Surana, business development manager at Techforce, agrees on this matter and also emphasizes the importance of keeping the requirements and budget ready.

“While outsourcing, keep the list of requirements, detailed questionnaire and a budget ready, so the company can help you accordingly to estimate the project and provide the perfect estimate for the specified requirement,” said Surana.


As stated by Romana Levytska, business development manager at, businesses should never delegate the entire work to their outsourcing agency as they know their business better.

“A business's common mistake when outsourcing software development is delegating the entire work,” said Levytska. “You know your business better than anyone else. The proper product development can be reached by the two parties involved. Clear expectations and well-defined scope will help your [outsourced] team to deliver the product you envision on time.”


In the opinion of Sana Ansari, AVP of marketing at Binmile Technologies, inconsistent planning and research is the reason for technical breakdowns and cost increases.

“70% of companies outsource to save cost but due to lack of consistent plan and research they end up paying more,” said Ansari. “This inconsistent planning erodes trust, leading to technical breakdowns and increasing the project's cost and TAT by 50%. Switch to an engagement model with crystal clear pricing and detailed project plan that includes all possible scenarios.”


Empat CEO Nazar Gulyk suggests that businesses should not consider price as a deciding factor.

“If you put this [criterion] first, you'll have a high chance of starting your project with a low-quality vendor focused on quick profits,” said Gulyk. “The price must be reasonable, and it may be the deciding factor, but not primary. We saw a lot of poorly made projects after such vendors that are just unmaintainable for future development.”

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