Design-driven companies are 69% most likely to meet their targets — and sports institutions are no exception. DesignRush celebrates the best sports designs in honor of International Olympic Day.

MIAMI - JUNE 22, 2022

An Adobe report suggests that 73% of companies invest in design to gain a competitive advantage in their market. Design-driven companies are 69% more likely to realize and surpass their targets. It shows that investing in professional design can make a difference, even in sports.

In honor of International Olympics Day on June 22nd, DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, celebrates the best sports designs across various categories to point out the importance of making the world a better place through sports.

1. Road to Beijing 2022 Video Design by Tijl Bex

Road to Beijing 2022 trailer by Tijl Bex is a masterclass in infusing a video design with ample excitement, incredible sound design and Hollywood-like visual cues. Viewers meet the stars of the show in most thrilling fashion: Sebbe De Buck, Jules De Sloover, Evy Poppe, Loranne Smans and Seppe Smits, Belgium’s finest riders on the road to conquer Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

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2. 4F X Beijing 2022 Olympic Collection JACKET ONE Print Design by Storyboat

Not all heroes wear capes, but each hero needs the right costume! When it comes to the Polish Winter Olympics team they opted for the best - 4F X Beijing 2022 Olympic Collection JACKET ONE demonstrates everything that goes into its meticulous creation.

By using clever 3D modeling and animations, stunning winter peaks as backdrops, Storyboat seamlessly merged the beautiful icy nature with the innovative technical advancements of this apparel line.

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3. Yeti Cycles Web Design by Legwork Studi

The Yeti Cycles website design leads users on a robust yet spectacular journey. The design agency, Legwork Studio, managed to capture the brand’s illustrious history of sporting spirit beautifully. Stunning imagery with CTA buttons immerse users into the Yeti Cycles experience while the site’s navigation allows for effortless user journey throughout.

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4. Bike New York Logo Design by Pentagram

Pentagram, the agency behind Bike New York’s logo design, created a visual symbol that reflects the brand’s forward-thinking and sustainable mindset. The logo is a simple representation of a bike standing against a green background that promotes eco-friendly values.

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5. Fitsentive App Design by Applify Tech

Fitsentive app design by Applify successfully engages fitness enthusiasts with its jam-packed features and engaging UI. From a dark-themed background, to multicolor video library, hi-resolution lifestyle photos and standout details like its workout-to-earn feature, the design ensures a memorable experience.

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6. Qallo Packaging Design by Paper Crowns

Qallo is an eSports and gaming performance brand focused on sports nutrition and supplements. The packaging design for these healthy products, created by Paper Crowns, makes a strong statement about “Geek Culture” with the carefully chosen vibrant and contrasting colors. Other key features like minimalist yet lively typography and the deep blue background sprinkled with various elements that enhance logo visibility provide a truly memorable user experience.

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