Only 35% of marketers see that understanding campaign ROI is important. DesignRush reached out to experts to discover the most frustrating requests and expectations they’ve received from clients.

MIAMI - JUNE 28, 2022

Marketers rely on various strategies to get desired results. Although not guaranteed, they can be achieved, except for unrealistic expectations. HubSpot reports that only 35% of marketers consider understanding the ROI of their campaigns “Very Important” or “Extremely Important.”

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, leveraged its 13,000-agencies-strong network for quick insights – or “QuickSights” – on the most frustrating requests and expectations they’ve received from clients.


Bubbly Creative Founder & Creative Director Cara Chatellier finds it frustrating when clients don’t value her services and call the job “easy.”

“I had a client reach out recently who needed really "easy" fixes made to their website,” said Chatellier. “I gave her a quote and she was taken aback by the figure. She said the changes were easy! Meanwhile, the site wasn't mobile-optimized, didn't have a top menu, had barely any content...and the list goes on. It's difficult when people call your job "easy" and don't properly value your services. Needless to say, we didn't work together.”


Jeffrey Magner, owner of Bighorn Local SEO, finds it annoying when clients who spend a fortune on PPC ads say they have no money to invest in SEO.

"It's frustrating when clients who spend a ton of money on advertising have no budget left for SEO — and complain that their tiny SEO budget is not generating enough leads,” said Magner. “While PPC or Google ads make it possible for businesses to bid on the chance to show their ad on the search engine, investing in SEO can result in higher rankings and help enhance online presence in the long run.”


Jitesh Keswani, CEO of e intelligence, shares their own struggle but notes that showing client success stories and case studies to demonstrate that results can be achieved with enough time is the key to making clients understand.

“e intelligence recently onboarded an eCommerce company [that] expected a boost in organic traffic by 30% and sales by 25% in 3 months through SEO,” said Keswani. “Almost all of us have faced [such] difficult clients that harbor unrealistic expectations based on little or no solid knowledge of digital marketing. Such instances can often be frustrating, and keeping cool [...] is essential to preserving your reputation [...]. We used earlier client success stories and case studies to help them understand why it may not be a realistic expectation and how SEO works.”

DesignRush identified the June list of the best digital marketing companies that can help clients establish their business goals and set trackable metrics and a realistic timeline to achieve them.

1. 2moro -
Expertise: Public Relations & Media, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and more

2. LEO Digital Marketing -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design and more

3. No Revisions -
Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Campaign Development and more

4. Deyo Digital -
Expertise: Content Marketing, SEO, Advertising and more

5. You'll Enjoy -
Expertise: Copywriting, Digital Communications, Social Media Management and more

6. GhostWriting Venture -
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Ghostwriting and more

7. Branding Bosses -
Expertise: Content Creation, Social Media Management, Branding and more

8. Market Wavegen -
Expertise: Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising and more

9. Bubbly Creative -
Expertise: Content Strategy, Social Content & Digital Ads, Email Marketing and more

10. Dos Mundos Creative -
Expertise: Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Inbound & Outbound Marketing and more

11. RTS Consulting -
Expertise: PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, SEO and more

12. Become Digital Today -
Expertise: Lead Generation, Content Creation, Web Design and more

13. Serendipity Marketing -
Expertise: Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO and more

14. Andrei Visan -
Expertise: Marketing Consulting, Lead Generation, Google Ads Management and more

15. Nhance Digital -
Expertise: Link Building, Social Media Management, Content Creation and more

16. Cyberlogical -
Expertise: Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimisation and more

17. Felice Agency -
Expertise: Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Public Relations and more

18. Bighorn Local SEO -
Expertise: Local SEO, Multi-Unit SEO, Website SEO and more

19. Biz Marketing Pros -
Expertise: Marketing Consulting, Paid Advertising, Amazon Growth and PPC and more

20. Embajadores de Marca -
Expertise: Content Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Brand Creation and more

21. e intelligence -
Expertise: PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management and more

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