77% of firms have embarked on digital transformation. DesignRush listed the top digital agencies that help businesses drive more revenue in the digital age.


Baker McKenzie reports 77% of companies have begun their digital transformation journey, with the top three cited benefits being improved cybersecurity, increased cost savings and efficiency, and streamlined processes. These benefits underscore the importance of having a solid digital strategy as a fundamental aspect of a company's overall business plan.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, compiled the best digital agencies that help brands strengthen their operations and stay competitive in the digital market.

The top digital agencies in February are:

1. VAUX digital - vauxdigital.com
Expertise: Website Consulting, Web Design, Digital Advertising and more

2. Mobiteam - mobiteam.de
Expertise: Technical Maintenance, Web Projects Consulting, Online Marketing & SEO and more

3. WebSpero Solutions - webspero.com
Expertise: Web Development, SEO, PPC and more

4. Silverback Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency - silverbackweb.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management and more

5. Needham Solutions - needhamsolutions.com
Expertise: Brand Development & Identity, Project Management, Web Design and more

6. Ailoitte - ailoitte.com
Expertise: Web Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps Consulting and more

7. Flat Rock Technology - flatrocktech.com
Expertise: IT Services, Cloud Management, Automation & Integration and more

8. Twist - twist.com.br
Expertise: Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics and more

9. Boost Shop - boost-shop.io
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Social Media Advertising, SEO and more

10. Assistant Media Group - assistantmedia.com
Expertise: Web Design, Marketing Automation, Hosting & Maintenance and more

11. Vantage Media - vantagemediagroup.co.uk
Expertise: Digital Branding, Web Design, Multiplatform Integration & Engagement and more

12. Makia Advertising Agency - makia.it
Expertise: Data Analysis, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing and more

13. Alecsandria Digital - alecsandria.it
Expertise: Marketing Automation, Business Process Management, Digital Strategy and more

14. Amalthea - amalthea.it
Expertise: Brand Identity, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing and more

15. Ethiko - ethiko.org
Expertise: Web Development, Website Analysis, Digital Strategy and more

16. Force 5 - discoverforce5.com
Expertise: Digital Marketing, Web Design, Brand Building and more

17. Kloss Creatives - klosscreatives.com
Expertise: Digital Strategy, Website Management, SEO and more

18. Skykillers - skykillers.com
Expertise: Product Strategy, Digital Marketing, Brand Identity and more

19. Natural Index - naturalindex.com
Expertise: Digital Strategy, Competitor Analysis, Migration Management and more

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