One in five Fortune 500 companies leveraged the services of Ukrainian IT professionals before the start of 2022. DesignRush looked into the Ukrainian IT sector, its new reality and its continuous pursuit of innovation.

MIAMI - OCTOBER 06, 2022

According to Washington Post, one in five Fortune 500 companies collaborated with Ukrainian IT experts prior to the start of 2022. And in the first quarter of this year, the IT industry made a record value of $2 billion in product and service exports, as reported by the National Bank of Ukraine.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses with agencies, shared the new reality of Ukrainian IT sector operations and discovered their pursuit of innovation in the middle of adversity.

One of the IT experts in its network is KindGeek, a Lviv-based software outsourcing company. The agency shares that 95% of its employees continued to work regularly, either from home or the office.

Furthermore, Ukrainian developers built innovative solutions and platforms whose primary goals are to provide users some type of help and support:

  • Air Alert app that instantly notifies users about danger
  • Telegram bot that alerts users of incoming attacks
  • Several maps of air alerts across the country that are updated every 15 seconds
  • Diia, an already existing Ukrainian e-governance app that was updated with many helpful features
  • Memomet, an application for creating Ukrainian memes
  • Brave Ukraine, a platform offering social media and printable pro-Ukrainian material
  • Spend with Ukraine, a platform that helps support local businesses

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