Portrait of Joseph Roulin
Studies of Three Women
Vases, Furniture and Objects Discovered at Herculaneum
Design for a Pendant Jewel
Design for the Title Page of "The Exercise of Cavalry"
Portrait of Louis XIV
Self-Portrait, Yawning
Portrait of Isabella of Portugal
The "Piebald" Horse
Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning (Meules, Effet de Neige, Le Matin)
Fly, Caterpillar, Pear, and Centipede
A Sloth
Guide for Constructing the Letter E
[Felix Nadar in Gondola of a Balloon]
Exposition universelle de 1889 / ƒtat d'avancement
[Dinornis Elephantopus]
Boulevard de Strasbourg
"Agassiz" Column, Yosemite
Portrait of a Young Lady in Profile
Portrait of a Man
Plate XXXI. Cantilevers Complete. 9th July, 1889.