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192 Vovchynetska street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

bvblogic Overview

Number of Employees
100 - 249
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
bvblogic is a technology development company with a passion for innovation. We develop and implement efficient IT solutions in seven key domains: Agriculture, Logistics and Transportation, eCommerce, eTickets, Retail and FMCG, Marketing and Advertising, Game Development.

bvblogic creates progressive software with the use of disruptive technologies and intellectual approaches of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Using the innovations, we help our clients to become more innovative and to successfully achieve their goals

bvblogic company provides professional teams of web-developers to accomplish complex projects and empower your key business processes. The company has more than 12 years of experience in IT-outsourcing market. 1000+ successfully implemented projects. 600+ satisfied clients from all over the world.

PHP, Frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Yii2, Zend Framework

Java, Frameworks: Java applets (Web Start), JavaFX, Servlets/JSP, JDBC SWING/AWT, Spring, Hibernate

Groovy: Grails framework

Ruby: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, Shopify

Python, Frameworks: Django, Tornado

HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular.js), Responsive (Bootstrap), React.js, Angular 2+

Database Development: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB

Mobile Apps Development:
Cross-Platform (React Native, Flutter, Xamarin)

CMS (Content Management Systems): WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Drupal

Other Services:


IT services are followed up by guarantees and support, which are based on the current market Best Practices.

As any artisan work, software development requires the best tools to be used for the production process.

• BugTracker
• Test servers

We have full-cycle production process and able to provide exceptional solutions.
192 Vovchynetska street, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine

Areas of Expertise

  • Custom Frameworks
Custom Frameworks
Custom Frameworks
  • Ruby on Rails

bvblogic Portfolio

  • bvblogic - TechCarrotHUB Bot
    Software Development
    TechCarrotHUB Bot
  • bvblogic - Score Fishing
    Software Development
    Score Fishing
  • bvblogic - Picturay
    Software Development
  • bvblogic - P.AID
    Product Design
  • bvblogic - Nimbus Note
    Mobile App Development
    Nimbus Note
  • bvblogic - MOYO Shop
    Software Development
    MOYO Shop
  • bvblogic -
    Software Development
  • bvblogic -
    Software Development
  • bvblogic - Learning Management System
    Software Development
    Learning Management System
  • bvblogic - Socar
    Software Development
  • bvblogic - MyWineTour
    Software Development
  • bvblogic - Axalta Axs
    Mobile App Development
    Axalta Axs
  • bvblogic - Navizor
    Software Development

bvblogic Team Bios

  • Senior PHP Developer
    Igor R.
    Senior PHP Developer
    A skilled PHP developer, who is always ready to provide sustainable recommendations, to share experience and knowledge. Igor is a curious individual, self-motivated and he loves to provide added value by contributing his vision into projects.
  • Middle Android Developer
    Roman Myroniak
    Middle Android Developer
    Detail-oriented IT person with 3 years of experience as an Android software developer. Interested in a challenging technical track career in an Android application development environment. Roman is experienced with all stages of the Android development cycle.
  • Senior iOS Developer
    Roman Kolodiy
    Senior iOS Developer
    Roman is a very responsible developer, always open to communication with the client and ready to share his experience, as well as provide relevant and sustainable recommendations. His expertise includes JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift programming languages.
  • PHP Architect
    Oleh Hrynkiv
    PHP Architect
    Very talented and experienced developer. During his 10 years of involvement in developing Oleh had worked both as front-end and a back-end developer, he has a deep knowledge of PHP, CSS3 and HTML programming languages. The most favorited databases are MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached.
  • Senior Android Developer
    Yuriy Yanovskiy
    Senior Android Developer
    Android team lead, with deep experience in mobile development. To perform his job Yuriy uses XML and Java (Java SE and Java EE) programming languages, as well as MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases. Libraries and frameworks: Grails, Swing, Spring. Main development tools are the Android SDK and Git.
  • Senior PHP Developer
    Anatoliy Pogorilyi
    Senior PHP Developer
    A skilled PHP developer, who knows back-end and front-end development. He had an experience of working with HTML4, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript programming languages; jQuery library and LESS framework. Right now he prefers to work on back-end: PHP, a lot of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis.
  • Senior Front-End Developer
    Sergiy Zvenyhorodsiy
    Senior Front-End Developer
    Skilled Front End developer with more than 8 years of development experience. He knows professionally HTML4, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery as he has been working with those technologies for 8 years.
  • Middle Python Developer
    Olexandr Rehush
    Middle Python Developer
    Olexandr is a very reliable and hardworking person. Becoming better every day in the field of Python programming language is his main goal right now. Except for Python Olexandr is working with HTML and CSS programming languages. His expertise includes Django, jQuery, React Native, Angular 2 etc.
  • Middle PHP Developer
    Valentyn Maleta
    Middle PHP Developer
    Valentyn is a PHP developer, with 2 years of experience. He knows how to operate in both Front End and Back End sides of development. A year ago Valentyn decided to focus on Back End, PHP in particular. He operates with Laravel, PHPUnit frameworks, and MySQL database. He took part in chatbots dev.
  • Middle PHP Developer
    Max Kur
    Middle PHP Developer
    Max is a PHP developer with 3 years of experience in engineering. He has a strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Laravel, and WordPress technologies. Max had the possibility to work on the front-end side of the project: he knows how to use professionally CSS3 and HTML5 languages, jQuery library.
  • Project Manager with 5 years of experience
    Oksana Lysionok
    Project Manager with 5 years of experience
    A bright,ambitious, communication-lover and control-obsessed person. A true perfectionist who is always striving to the best possible result under any circumstances.Project PlanningProject ReportingResource ManagementRisk ManagementProcess ImprovementCommunication ManagementSupervising

bvblogic Clients

  • Libresse
  • Netpeak
  • SOCAR Energy UA
  • Axalta Coating Systems
  • HTI (Human Transparency Innovations)
  • Fishery Reports
  • MOYO
  • Inter Money Exchange
  • Havas

bvblogic Awards

  • bvblogic - Award 1
  • bvblogic - Award 2
  • bvblogic - Award 3