Why People Trust DesignRush

Rated 4.7 on Google and Trustpilot, DesignRush Agency Directory is a trustworthy source for VR and augmented reality companies. Our executive selection team carefully handpicks the agencies we feature on our platform based on stringent standards, as follows:

  • Reviews: First-hand feedback from past and existing clients, evaluating every agency's expertise, work quality, client satisfaction, and level of trust
  • Portfolios: Case studies and actual samples of the agency's work displaying its unique style, design approach, and overall output quality
  • Awards and press mentions: Another proof of industry reputation, innovation, and notable accomplishments
  • Team bios: Insights into the expertise and talent within each agency, demonstrating its capabilities and its members' collective experience
  • Top services: List of core competencies and areas of expertise, making it easier for potential clients to find the perfect fit

Check out DesignRush Agency Ranking Methodology in detail.


DesignRush sustains a directory of over 30,000 agencies categorized by service category, location, expertise and reviews. We build our database in two ways:

  • Our dedicated team of agency experts actively search the web for top performing companies. We then pull information from their websites, online presence and client testimonials to verify their status and qualifications prior to listing.
  • The agencies listed get notified of their profiles on the website and they can choose to claim it or not, which suggests their availability for more collaborations.

Agencies can also reach out to DesignRush and must go through the verification process prior to being listed.