What Is A WordPress Development Company?

A WordPress development company is an agency that builds and manages websites using the free, open-source content management system (CMS) – WordPress. 

Praised for its ease of access and customizability, WordPress has gained immense popularity as a simple and intuitive website builder. 

As such, WordPress is powering 42% of the web. It is the world’s leading content management system (CMS) and the prime choice for virtually anyone thinking of building a website. 

Being an open-source development tool - the source code is publicly available - it nevertheless provides a broad selection of plugins that allow countless customizations and security options. 

This is where a WordPress agency comes into play. Though versions of the builder are free for anyone to use, these specialized companies have the expertise and skillset to leverage the platforms’ features and functionalities to customize and secure a website that ensures business growth. 

Illustration representing a team of developers working in a WordPress development company​
 WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS

What Do WordPress Companies Do?

WordPress development companies have teams of highly skilled developers that can build a custom, unique website or adapt a template using the WordPress CMS.

These specialized developers create the website architecture to ensure the sites are user-friendly and attractive. 

They have a solid background in computer programming and high experience using the WordPress platform but also have proven expertise in coding using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other programming languages. 

Well-versed in both front-end and back-end website development, they pay great attention to detail, from coding practices to web design elements, in order to deliver fully functional, easy-to-use and engaging websites. 

Some of their main tasks and responsibilities are: 

  • Building and managing websites using WordPress
  • Handling front-end and back-end site development
  • Producing WordPress themes and plugins
  • Writing accurate, transferable and reusable code
  • Solving technical and content issues
  • Cooperating with creative and design teams
  • Training clients to use the WordPress platform
  • Keeping pace with emerging developments in software, new trends and best practices

All in all, a WordPress development agency can create custom websites from top to bottom, including visual design, responsive layout, user experience design, development and quality assurance. 

However, some WordPress development companies in the United States take a wider approach to their offering and can provide services such as: 

  • Strategy: They research your target audience, market landscape and key competitors to recommend relevant content and messaging that will attract quality website visitors. 
  • Search engine optimization: They can implement technical SEO practices to properly optimize your website for search engines and index your content without a hitch. 
  • Content migration: Some of these agencies can help you with content migration from one platform to another, but you will most probably have to pay extra for this service. 
  • Web hosting: Some WordPress companies offer web hosting to their clients, while others outsource web hosting services on behalf of their clients. 

Custom-Built vs. WordPress Themes: What’s The Right Option For You?

If you choose to use WordPress as your CMS, you first must decide whether to build your website using a WordPress core theme or hire a WordPress development company to create a website from scratch to fit your unique needs and specific requirements. 

The WordPress theme directory features 8,730 free themes, so you have a wide range of options to choose from. Many of these are responsive designs – layouts that seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes – so they are compatible with all mobile devices. 

Opting for an existing WordPress theme to build your website is the most economical route.

However, it doesn’t offer much flexibility or room for personalization. You can adapt the theme to your brand, but essentially, pre-built themes constrain you to work within the existing structure while occasionally proving to be buggy.

On the other hand, building a custom WordPress website enables full flexibility. 

WordPress developers can create, from the ground up, a website tailored to your specifications and incorporate all the features you need. They can control every aspect of your website, from code and design to content. 

Plus, as your business expands and your website grows, they can add more features and functionalities to meet your new demands. 

WordPress powers 42% of the web. ​

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Why Should You Hire A WordPress Development Agency?

WordPress is a highly intuitive CMS and the website builder of choice for many businesses, from bloggers to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. 

The platform offers plenty of benefits to users. Being built on browsers, WordPress allows users to access their admin dashboards at any time and even make edits on their own. 

WordPress was initially created as a publishing platform for blogs, but since then has evolved to support new and complex web content types, thus becoming the most popular CMS in the world. 

Partnering with a WordPress development company to design and build your website is a smart move because not only will you have a beautiful and functional website, you can also manage by yourself moving forward – edit and update your website without any coding or technical experience. 

Its simple, user-friendly interface has turned WordPress into the number one website builder for leading organizations and enterprises such as: 

  • eBay
  • Sony
  • IBM
  • Microsoft News
  • TechCrunch
  • Reuters
  • BBC
  • The New York Times
  • The White House
  • And many more

In fact, according to W3techs, WordPress owns 65.2% of the CMS market share. 

If this data is not convincing enough, here are three more reasons why you should hire a WordPress development company: 

  • Cost-effectiveness: Being an open-source platform, WordPress is available for free . Even though it still requires investing in a specialized company to build a website professionally, the final cost is lower than creating sites using HTML, CSS or JavaScript. 
  • Content management: WordPress websites provide a simple editor interface that non-technical users can easily use. This enables brands to manage writing, editing, updating and attaching media without relying on the assistance of their agency partner. 
  • Search engine optimization: Websites built on WordPress dominate Google SERPs with 2.28 billion search results. That’s quite a staggering number and the main reason behind this is that the builder offers the Yoast SEO plugin. This tool allows users to optimize content for search engines while giving tips and suggestions. 

WordPress websites dominate Google SERPs with 2.28 billion results.​

How To Choose The Best WordPress Agency For Your Business

Before contacting any companies, make sure you determine your business goals. Think about what you want to accomplish by building a website with WordPress and the type of results you want to achieve. 

It will help you map out your requirements and convey them with clarity and precision to an agency, ensuring that you can find a partner that meets your goals and expectations. 

Next, consider the following aspects: 

1. Learn About Their Strategic Approach

Make sure a WordPress development agency has the ability to tailor its website strategy to fit your business goals. 

Ask prospective candidates about the processes and methodologies they will use to build a functional and compelling website that attracts your target audience and drives sales. 

2. Verify Their Reputation

Read all third-party reviews you can find online about the companies on your shortlist. Start by checking the reviews of the top WordPress development companies in the U.S. from our directory. 

See what previous clients say about working with the particular agency to better understand how reliable, resourceful and flexible they are, what kind of results they can produce and whether they can instill trust for a fruitful partnership. 

3. Check Their Industry Experience

WordPress development companies that are knowledgeable in your industry will be better equipped to understand your needs and speed up project delivery. 

4. Figure Out How They Secure Websites

Ask potential candidates what processes they have in place to keep your website secure. 

Any website is susceptible to malware attacks and hackers, so you need to ensure your company and client data is kept safe. 

5. Ask If They Provide Post-Launch Maintenance

Professional websites need regular maintenance to stay updated and relevant with a consistent engaging user experience.

This is why you should choose a WordPress development company that offers maintenance and support after launch. Look for an agency that you can invest in a long-term partnership with. 

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10 Questions To Ask WordPress Developers

  1. Have you built websites for clients with similar business needs?
  2. How many years of experience do you have in building WordPress websites?
  3. What is the estimated time to complete our project?
  4. How much will the website cost?
  5. How can our team be of help? What information are we supposed to provide?
  6. What type of tools do you use to measure website success and performance?
  7. How often will you send us performance reports?
  8. Will you optimize our website for search engines?
  9. What kind of security will our website have?
  10. Can you provide post-launch services?

Takeaways On WordPress Development Companies

WordPress development companies in the USA design and build functional, effective and highly engaging websites that can supercharge your business growth. 

These specialized agencies are the best alternative for brands that require content-heavy websites, including small and corporate businesses.

For WordPress development services, you can expect to pay between $50 and $150 per hour.

To select the most suitable partner for your specific business needs, follow these steps: 

  • Evaluate their strategic approach.
  • Read their client reviews.
  • Check their industry expertise.
  • See how they secure websites.
  • Ask about post-launch services.

Best of luck with your research!

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