What Is SharePoint Consulting?

SharePoint consulting means supporting your company’s maximum benefits with a tailored approach to every stage of the project from planning to post-implementation.

SharePoint consulting services can bring you:

  • Architecture, development, design, deployment and maintenance of SharePoint technologies
  • Migration from the old SharePoint version to a new one
  • Customization of SharePoint to your company's needs
  • Development of communication collaterals with XML and HTML

The roles of consultants are branched into the following positions:

  • Software developer
  • Technical advisor
  • SharePoint consultant
  • SharePoint expert
  • And more

SharePoint helps you empower your company’s teamwork dynamics and productivity including every team size, department and division.

This software is used for:

  • Sharing files, news, data and resources
  • Customizing your site to follow your team’s work
  • Collaborating securely inside and outside your company
  • Supporting various systems across PCs, Macs and mobile devices
concept of SharePoint consulting
Your company needs a customized version to get the most out of SharePoint

What Does a SharePoint Consulting Company Do?

Dedicated SharePoint consultants can help you in the following fields of structuring and managing your company's workflow:

  • Develop engaging Intranet
  • Create a digital workspace for facilitated collaboration
  • Contract management with expected TCO and ROI
  • Policy automation for document management
  • Employee development and training
  • Policy creation and approval
  • Automated workflows in HR, finance, SCM, and asset management

Microsoft SharePoint support is visible inside different expert areas, and the following industries most often collaborate with the consultants:

  • 13% - Computer software
  • 11% - Information technology and services
  • 6% - Hospital and healthcare

As opposed to a software development company that might include SharePoint consulting among their service offerings, a specialized Sharepoint consulting company provides dedicated assistance to accomplish the complete automation cycle of SharePoint features.

Microsoft SharePoint consulting services provide the following measurable factors to your company:

  • Precise planning: It is vital to connect the planning stage and initial design solutions.
  • Extended functionality: Tweaking features in favor of your company means leveraging third-party tools.
  • User adoption: Detailed instructions encourage employees to adopt solutions as a part of their working process.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Lowering deployment costs and improving overall outcomes will save your company more money.

Why Hire SharePoint Consultants?

SharePoint consultants utilize SharePoint features, which are carefully tailored to your company's needs to maximize capabilities. Having a high-quality partner at the beginning of your journey is advisable because it means more certainty that things will go in the right direction.

Getting support from SharePoint consulting companies means developing full potential in the following fields:

  • Migrating to Microsoft 365 or cloud
  • Building or redesigning the company intranet
  • Creating SharePoint site department
  • Integrating your Microsoft SharePoint with HRMS, SAP or payroll systems
  • And more

Choosing a consulting firm for current and future needs means having someone to create the best results within your budget and timeframe. To get the most out of SharePoint, your company needs a customized version.

Companies hire consultants to help them reap benefits by managing:

SharePoint consultants provide you with guidance for planning stages and implementation, and the following are two core stances:

Stance #1: Defining your goals with SharePoint

You should have clear objectives when deciding to improve your workflow processes. Knowing precisely what you wish to achieve makes the decision-making process smoother.

These specialized consultants understand your requirements and cover essential areas to ensure quality results.

Stance #2: Installing and configuring extended functionalities

Complex business processes can be challenging and need third-party tools to integrate with the SharePoint platform.

SharePoint experts will help with this integration and additional functionalities and features. This improves productivity and efficiency in the organization and, at the same time, serves your company's goals.

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How Much Do Microsoft SharePoint Consultants Charge for Their Services?

Outsourcing SharePoint consulting companies can bring you subsequent benefits:

  • Flexible engagement model
  • On-site resource
  • Scalable resource model
  • Flexible communication

Expect to pay $150 and $225 per hour for between twenty and six hundred hours of work, which include adoption and training for users.

One of the most significant impacts on the cost of SharePoint consulting depends on whether your company chooses to go with:

  • On-prem environment, or
  • SharePoint Online

On-prem deployments have upfront costs compared to the cloud because you need to lease or buy servers, purchase SharePoint software, and get client access licenses (CALs) for each user.

Renting servers will run from $250 to $500 per month, and buying one will cost $10,000.

In addition, you will have to pay about $100 to $125 for each CAL, depending on the SharePoint version you bought (Enterprise or Standard). Consider an additional investment of $7,000 per server for the installation of SharePoint.

After an initial hit, you will only pay for maintenance costs or leasing fees if you rent servers.

How To Find the Right Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services for Your Business?

It is crucial to maintain a good strategy when picking the right SharePoint consulting company, and the following are criteria that you should consider in your selection:

Criteria #1: Capabilities and knowledge

In addition to your knowledge and experience, you need support regarding technology, automation processes or industry knowledge. You will benefit most from someone who can understand how to:

  • Build solution
  • Train users
  • Provide continued support

Criteria #2: Management system

You might need help when task management comes along, especially as SharePoint consulting is a process of unifying external platforms and in-house workforce.

The experts you hire should have skills such as:

  • Daily work management
  • Running strategy for the full scope of tasks
  • Handling deadlines strategically
  • Developing strategies
  • Supervising timeframe and budget

Criteria #3: Risk assessment

Adopting a new platform as part of the workflow means taking a certain amount of risk. SharePoint consultants must provide you with safe solutions when a new system is utilized.

Some points you should take into account when assessing them are:

  • Ways those errors are being treated
  • Covering costs in case of a breach
  • The procedure of taking fault for potential risks
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5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing SharePoint Consultants

Hiring SharePoint consultants is a process where you must be well-prepared and have a structured method of questioning your future business partners.

To make the best of the hiring process, take into account the next five essential questions:

Question #1: How do you manage task workflow?

To fully understand communication structure and other collaboration points, take into account the next questions:

  • If there is an issue with a particular task, how would you report it to us?
  • What steps do you take when collecting information before customizing SharePoint?

Question #2: Are you knowledgeable in theory behind the technicalities?

SharePoint consulting is a process where you gain knowledge and structure on how to set up your tasks to boost the results.

When interviewing your potential Microsoft SharePoint consultants, ask them the following:

  • When building a workflow, how do you differentiate event activity and method activity?
  • Can you explain one situation where you implemented features of SharePoint user adoption and SharePoint governance?
  • What permission types exist in SharePoint?

Question #3: For which types of projects did you use SharePoint in the past?

Niche-focused experience makes it easier for SharePoint consultants to manage your company's goals and accelerate results.

For complete knowledge about the reasons behind their choices, ask these questions:

  • Which SharePoint version are you most familiar with?
  • Do you have experience with similar software programs?

Question #4: What is your problem-solving process?

Troubleshooting should be a normal process when doing SharePoint processes. The main reason is being prepared for potential situations of handling errors in the development process of the SharePoint platform.

Take into account the following questions when interviewing the SharePoint consulting company:

  • What types of failures can cause more significant damage to your company?
  • Please explain a situation when you were troubleshooting a SharePoint problem. How did you manage to solve it?

Question #5: What relevant certification do you have for SharePoint consulting?

SharePoint consulting requires technical skills, but enjoying the workflow with your business partner requires soft skills.

The next questions can help you define your expectations when hiring the experts:

  • Can you talk about your skills in developing and implementing SharePoint platforms?
  • How do you manage workflow processes, as an outsourced team, with a company you collaborate with?

Takeaways On SharePoint Consultants

The top-rated SharePoint consultants are extracting and implementing the best fitting practices aiming at possibilities for growth and scalability, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • High flexibility
  • Content management
  • Responsiveness
  • Workflow creation
  • Business process automation

What makes SharePoint consulting companies genuinely exceptional?

Well, that depends entirely on you and your business goals.

Best of luck!


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