What Is A Mobile App Development Company?

An app development company specializes in designing and building mobile applications for a variety of platforms and devices.

These devices include:

  • Mobile devices
  • Smart devices
  • Wearable technologies
  • Web
  • Tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • And more

They manage the programming of apps and engage in various tasks including conceptualization, creating databases, admin panels and APIs, testing, launching products and maintaining them.

Moreover, they also handle the design and overall user experience. They can bring your brand’s vision to life and help you stand out from the crowd with a consistent and functional interface.

Mobile software developers have the tools, techniques and processes to build highly performing and visually appealing apps that deliver an outstanding user experience.

So, mobile development companies plan, design, execute, test and develop apps for brands and businesses across industries to help them grow effectively.

What Do App Developers Do?

Mobile application developers are qualified in design, coding and programming which allows them to develop fully functional and user-friendly applications.

The top five languages these experts used in 2020 on a global level are:

  • Javascript (67.7%)
  • HTML/CSS (63.1%)
  • SQL (54.7%)
  • Python (44.1%)
  • Java (40.2%)

Some of their primary responsibilities include:

Focusing On User Experience

29% of users will immediately leave an app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs. (Google)

To ensure an engaging experience, top development companies conduct in-depth research to determine which features and qualities consumers want in an app.

Then, they build an easy-to-navigate platform that is simple and enjoyable to engage with.

Investing in user experience ensures that consumers continue to use the app, which ultimately grows the business.

App development companies: The number of users who will immediately leave an app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Creating An Attractive User Interface

Mobile app companies combine their coding expertise and visual creativity with the latest trends to create attractive apps that engage visitors.

To ensure an enticing visual design, app developers undertake a design process that includes:

  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • Developing style guides
  • Creating scalable designs
  • Aligning elements to fit all-size screens
  • Choosing color schemes and fonts
  • Developing flexible layouts
  • Building easy-to-click buttons
  • And more

Performing Quality Assurance Testing

Quality assurance (QA) testing is a detailed form of testing that ensures every feature and functionality works properly.

The QA phase of the project entails rigorous testing of the app prototype, where every aspect of the app experience is tested for errors, bugs and usability problems.

App developers also use QA testing before releasing new features within an existing app.

Providing Technical Support

Ongoing maintenance, support and iteration matters in keeping the app optimized, up-to-date and running smoothly.

Top companies in the U.S. continue to run diagnostics on launched apps to make sure everything is always running at peak potential.

However, very often their skills go beyond coding. So, they also:

  • Interact with clients to define project requirements
  • Use project management tools to manage projects better
  • Have strong problem-solving and communication skills which help them collaborate with their colleagues seamlessly
  • Learn quickly and always keep up to date with app development trends
  • And more
App developers creating an application
Javascript is the most popular language among app developers

How Much Do These Companies Charge For Their Services?

Generally, app development companies charge per hour and their rates range between $50 and $200.

When billed by the hour, the cost will largely depend on the complexity of your app or the number of features and functionalities desired and the number of platforms it will work on.

A few other factors that will also influence it are the company’s seniority and size.

Some firms offer more billing options, so they could also invoice you per project. In this case, you may pay between:

  • $1,500 – $5,000 for an app of low complexity
  • $10,000 – $50,000 for a moderately complex app
  • $50,000 – $250,000+ for a complex app

5 Reasons To Build A Mobile App For Your Business

Here are the top five reasons why your business needs an app:

#1: Increase Accessibility

People spend 90% of their mobile time on apps. (eMarketer)

They use their smartphones to perform different tasks including shopping.

And the quickest way for your target market to access your products or services is via their mobile phones.

This is why investing in a mobile application is more important than ever.

Having an app allows your audience to make purchases from anywhere at any time with just a few clicks on their smartphones.

This 24/7 accessibility boosts customer satisfaction and contributes to brand loyalty.

#2: Enhance Customer Experience

To access a website from their mobile phones, users need to open their browsers, type the desired address and wait for it to load.

On the other hand, they can access apps with a single click, which makes them a much faster alternative than websites since they load within seconds.

Moreover, unlike websites that require an internet connection to load, some apps are accessible offline.

#3: Build Brand Recognition

A compelling and eye-catching app design will not only help you stand out from the crowd but also build brand recognition.

Regularly exposing your audience and clients to your app will result in higher engagement and more purchases since frequently reminding them of your existence will increase their brand recall.

#4: Create Your Own Marketing Channel

One of the biggest advantages of having an app for your business is that you can use it to provide different types of information for your clients.

This may include general company info, cost of services, product description and more.

However, what’s great about apps is also the fact that they can serve as a marketing channel for product or service promotion.

They allow sending special sales, discounts and other push notifications that allow direct interaction with the users.

This is why apps are a smart investment.

#5: Boost Sales

Consumer app spending is expected to hit $156.5 billion by 2022. (App Annie)

Apps are a great way to generate additional sales.

Unlike websites, they offer unique features that businesses can take advantage of.

On the one hand, users can easily save their favorite products into their wish lists. This affects them emotionally and encourages them to make a purchase.

On the other hand, businesses can send push notifications while reminding users to revisit their stores and engage with the brand.

These little factors contribute to customer retention which is one of the biggest marketing goals for every seller.

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Why Should You Outsource Professional Development Services?

These are the top reasons why you should hire a professional app development company:

#1: Take Advantage Of Their Technical Expertise

62% of users would uninstall an app if they face technical issues. (Dot Com Infoway)

Poorly designed apps have issues like slow loading times, bugs, errors, freezes and crashes. These ruin the user experience and push visitors away.

This ultimately results in losing customers and sales.

Professional mobile app development companies in the USA have certain processes in place like writing safe codes, encrypting data and using authorized APIs.

When developing an app, security is a priority and these experts will take the necessary steps to keep your sensitive data safe.

App development companies: The number of users who would uninstall an app if they face technical issues

#2: Stay On Top Of App Development Trends

According to AppsFlyer, due to uninstalls, the average app loses up to $33,000 a month.

The sectors that are mostly affected by this are:

  • $99,496 (finance)
  • $68,917 (shopping)
  • $65,814 (food and beverage)
  • $33,846 (entertainment)
  • $33,721 (social)

While the mobile market is thriving, many users keep uninstalling apps.

This most often happens because they fail to deliver an outstanding user experience that is closely connected to the development trends that are changing at a rapid pace.

To deliver high-performing apps, mobile app developers are bound to implement trends as they emerge.

This is how they help brands stay competitive, relevant and successful.

The amount of money the average app loses due to uninstalls

#3: Get Technical App SEO To Generate Quality Leads

In 2020, there were more than 6.95 billion smartphone users worldwide which means the number of people who access apps is enormous.

However, not all of these users are your target market.

These developers not only understand the environment you operate in well, but they also have the necessary tools to discover important aspects including their:

  • Pain points
  • Demographics
  • Desires
  • Age
  • And more

All these factors will help your partner develop an app with SEO in mind that will be able to reach the right audience, attract quality leads and increase your sales.

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Mobile App?

App development project duration depends on two factors:

  • The apps developer company's expertise
  • The scope and complexity of your app

Assuming that you have screened multiple app developers, found the right partner, established a great working relationship and communicated your requirements effectively, your mobile application development should take:

  • 3-4 months for the simplest apps with very few wireframes, no backend or integrations and a simple UI, provided that you have all the information and content prepared beforehand.
  • 4-6 months for moderately complex apps with more sophisticated wireframes and UI, simple backend and a few integrations.
  • 6-12 months for high-end apps.

But, keep in mind that application development work never truly ends.

Apps should evolve as user feedback comes in and the OS requirements change, as well as scale with the growing user base.

Therefore, our advice would be to look for an app development company you can establish a long-term relationship with.

How To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company For Your Business

Here are a few tips that will help you select the best app developer for your business:

#1: Think About Your Requirements

Having clear requirements is the foundation of a successful project.

So, make sure you define the features and functionalities you would like your app to have to help your team transform your concept into a fully functional product.

#2: Learn If App Development Companies Can Adapt To Your Brand

Specialized companies are experienced in assimilating development processes, trends and design elements to unique brands. This is key to product success.

81% of consumers claim that they need to trust a brand in order to buy from them.

So, branding matters for long-term business growth.

A consistent and cohesive brand identity across all channels improves recognition, facilitates better user experience and ultimately increases conversions and revenue. This is why proper branding should be included in your app for better performance.

#3: Ask To See Previous Samples

Go through these companies’ portfolios to check their work or ask them to show you some samples.

Then, visit their apps and test to see how they perform. These will show you whether the potential partners are capable to deliver fully functional apps and outstanding user experience.

#4: Read Their Reviews

See what their previous customers say to learn how reliable these agencies are and whether they are satisfied with their quality of work.

Reviews will also help you discover their strengths and weaknesses, their company values and the type of partnership you can expect.

#5: Learn What Security Processes They Have

RSA’s Fraud Report shows that in the second quarter of 2018, 71% of fraud transactions came via mobile apps and mobile browsers.

This seeks attention and requires partnering with a mobile app developer that can deliver a highly secured product.

#6: Consider The Location

The best app developers are dispersed around the world. This is why you should think about your preferences and decide whether you want to outsource your project to nearshore or offshore development company.

However, if you decide to work with a partner that is not close in distance, then make sure you ask how the time difference and language barriers can affect your project.

#7: Understand Who Will Be Working On Your Project

Before you hire a partner, take the time to learn about their individual team members. Understand their work experience, successful projects and even their overall design aesthetic.

Plus, take the time to learn what each team member’s expertise is and how dedicated they will be to your project to guarantee the best results.

#8: Determine If They Can Offer Transparency And Partnership

Strong organization, clear communication and a detailed timeline are the hallmarks of a top apps developer company.

By sharing their overall process, team structure, programs they use and more, an app design company is telling you that they are confident in their method and trust you as clients.

The best companies on the market will be forthcoming about their creative and logistical process.

A developer writing code
Agile is the most preferred methodology among app developers

10 Questions To Ask Developers Before You Hire The Right One

Not all app development companies are the same, and it’s important that you do thorough research before deciding on a partner to work with.

Keep these questions and considerations in mind when scouting to make your choice easy:

1. Have you ever worked on a similar project?

Although you should not consider it a key deciding factor, it is recommended to partner with a developer that has previous exposure to your industry.

These experts understand the environment in which you operate well and can both meet your expectations better and accelerate project delivery.

2. What are your core competencies?

Find out what the top mobile app development companies specialize in to make sure you hire a partner with relevant experience and skills.

Every company on our table has its own strengths and weaknesses and finding the right match for your project will result in a fully functional and highly performing product.

3. Who will be working on this project and what will their role be?

Learn which app developers will work on your project and whether they have the required technical skills to execute it.

Ask to see their up-to-date portfolios to get an insight into their past work, the projects they have worked on and the results they have delivered.

This will help you understand whether they have the necessary qualifications and relevant experience to work on your app.

4. What is your developer retention rate?

This is a key question to address to understand how stable the potential app development companies are.

Learning whether they can retain their employees or not can be an indicator of project success.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to waste your time partnering with an agency that trains newcomers constantly.

5. What is your approach to user experience?

In the first quarter of 2020, there were almost 1.85 million apps available in the Apple App Store only. (Statista)

With so many apps to choose from, modern consumers have become very much selective in their digital consumption.

And to engage and retain these users, you need to ensure an outstanding user experience.

This is why you should enquire how each mobile app developer approaches this process.

6. How will you determine the project timeline?

The project timeline is a key element of project management. It captures the essence of what the project will accomplish and it helps you understand how long it will take.

Creating comprehensive, accurate timelines will allow your app developers to get your project off on the right foot.

So, when setting a launch date, they should consider:

  • Your requirements
  • The tasks that should be completed
  • The order of these activities
  • The deadlines
  • The app developers' schedules

7. What app design and development methodology do you prefer using?

According to Issuu, the most preferred methodologies among app developers are:

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Prototype
  • Spiral

Whichever development method these experts favor using, make sure they fit your business.

For instance, while Agile is the gold standard among most of them, it does require regular meetings and closely-knit teams.

So, find out how carefully they select their methods and whether they consider their clients’ location since these will define the way you and your company collaborate and the way the process flows.

8. How will I be involved in the project?

Professional app development companies in the United States will know that client involvement in the development process matters for the project’s success.

Thereby, they should come up with a plan of tasks that will speed up the decision-making process and accelerate the delivery of your product.

9. Who will own the code after the launch?

Asking about intellectual property (IP) ownership will help you understand who will own the source code of your product.

In general, the app developer that builds the app owns it. However, you might want to select a company that will name you the owner of your app as your intellectual property.

This will grant access to all the files around your application for future use.

10. What does the contract include?

Work with an app development company that agrees to sign a legal contract. It should define the conditions under which your application will be delivered including:

  • Your requirements
  • The methodology they will use
  • The launch date
  • Your app features
  • The project’s size
  • Confidential data security
  • QA testing
  • And more

We recommend consulting a lawyer to review the terms and clauses before you sign it.

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Who Are The Best Mobile App Development Companies?

The best companies are typically award-winning, passionate and creative.

They push boundaries and drive innovation. They change brands for the better and put businesses on a successful path to results.

But not all agencies are equal. They don’t have the same talent or work in the same processes.

The best app developer in the world depends on your business needs and goals.

And by conducting proper research, you can find the right partner to grow your brand online.


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