What is DesignRush

DesignRush MARKETPLACE connects qualified brands with verified agencies for different projects such as digital marketing, graphic design, e‑commerce website design, software development, to name a few.

In other words, our team of experts help businesses find the right agency for their project as well as help agencies find clients they can bring most value to.

What is DesignRush?

How does

To ensure we recommend only the most qualified agencies for a project, we take several careful steps from project vetting to agency shortlisting and beyond.

Each Marketplace goes through:

Step 1: Project Vetting

DesignRush only announces thoroughly vetted digital projects in various fields from marketing to software development.

To vet their project, each brand must complete an:

  • Agency Selector Form to submit an official request for proposals
  • Agreement Form. After we vet and accept the project, we request that each brand signs an agreement form to ensure the information they provided is accurate and to commit to reviewing the agencies DesignRush recommends.

Step 2: Shortlisting Verified Agencies

Once we have vetted and announced a project, our team of experts browses thought our network of top-rated agencies to find the best match.

We only shortlist candidates from our pool of verified agencies (get verified now!), reviewing their expertise, rates, portfolios and other information, to find experts who satisfy the project criteria.

Once the best candidates are shortlisted, the DesignRush MARKETPLACE team invites them to bid for the project.

Step 3: Project Bidding

DesignRush MARKETPLACE team sends the shortlisted agencies a bidding invite that is valid for 48h.

The bid represents the amount they are willing to pay for an introductory call with the brand that announced the project. In other words, it’s the amount an agency would pay for a lead.

Please note that bids do not represent the estimated project value.

Here’s an example: Let’s say we announce that a brand is looking to hire an experienced website designer for a $15,000 project.
“We’d like to bid $250
to be connected with
the qualified lead”.
Here’s the correct way
to bid for the project
“My agency would do the
required work for
Here’s the incorrect way
to bid for the project

For each project, 2-5 highest bidders are awarded the lead.

Step 4: Introduction

The next two steps are simple.

As soon as the winning bids are settled, DesignRush MARKETPLACE team connects the shortlisted agencies (i.e. the winning bidders) with the brand behind the project via email.

The brand representatives take over from here and begin reviewing the 2-5 recommended agencies.

DesignRush Expertise

Step 5: Meeting

The rest is up to you!

The winning agencies can then set an exploratory meeting with the potential client to further assess their capabilities with the client’s requirements.

DesignRush team

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the lead cost?

I won the lead, but the client is unresponsive. Can I get a refund?

Got any additional questions? Ask us at [email protected]!

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