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DesignRush has a qualified team of industry experts and agency executives that focus on finding the best design agencies for your business. Our team determines the key performance indicators, like portfolio, client reviews, and industry reputation, that agencies must meet to be listed. To further leverage our agency expertise, businesses also reach out to DesignRush to streamline the process of finding the right agency via the Marketplace.

Our Picks for The Best Design Agencies in 2023

Dotlogics Inc.

design agencies: Dotlogics-Inc.-logo-profile

Dotlogics Inc. is the best design firm in our view because they have worked with world-renowned brands such as McDonald’s, DDC, PEC Logistics and more. They have an extensive web design portfolio, from educational institutions to B2B clients and eCommerce projects.

  • Why we chose them: Verified clients’ reviews are positive, confirming the expertise of Dotlogics Inc. when it comes to providing tailor-made solutions and design tasks.
  • What you should consider: It’s a smaller agency with under 50 people, so if you have big project requirements, consult with them to ensure their teams can accommodate your business plans.
  • Who are they for: They are for niche-oriented and industry-focused projects; for companies that need top-tier professionals who will help them achieve maximum potential and results.

Digital Silk

design agencies: Digital-Silk-logo-profile

The next best design agency is Digital Silk, boasting an impressive array of recognitions from Interactive Media Awards, Telly Awards, The Communicator Awards and more.

  • Why we chose them: They are a full-service digital marketing agency that can handle different types of projects, as attested by clients' reviews about the team’s exceptional output and long-term results.
  • What you should consider: This agency works mostly with larger companies and has a strong portfolio with big names such as NASA, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T and more. If you have a smaller project, you may benefit from other agencies better suited for clients on a smaller scale and budget.
  • Who are they for: Digital Silk is perfect for larger clients, as can be seen in their case studies. For example, when working with IBM, in 5 months, they produced more than 200 websites in 21 countries.


design agencies: SmartSites-logo-profile

Part of the highest-ranking design agencies is SmartSites, as one of the fastest growing agencies that specializes in website design services. They have partnerships with Meta, Google and Shopify.

  • Why we chose them: SmartSites covers a wide range of industries from medical and healthcare, B2B and B2C to industrial and commercial. This extensive experience allows them to effectively deliver project objectives.
  • What you should consider: As they are a larger agency, the projects they develop are also bigger ones. If your project plan is smaller, contact them to make sure their team is compatible with your requirements.
  • Who are they for: This agency matches corporate or any larger structures that need a team of experts for creative design solutions for their upcoming project.

Ignite Visibility

design agencies: Ignite-Visibility-logo-profile

Another recommended agency among top design firms is Ignite Visibility that has a number of successes and accolades, including being a six-time Inc. 5000 company.

  • Why we chose them: They have more than a decade of experience in digital marketing solutions for numerous clients such as Tony Robbins, COX, Wedding Wire and The General. When it comes to design, clients' reviews remark on Ignite Visibility’s strong ownership over their tasks and excellent integration with clients’ teams.
  • What you should consider: They have a minimum budget for a campaign ($1,000), but you also have to inquire for the hourly rate. So, estimating your budget needs more work than usual.
  • Who are they for: They are for mid-to-large size companies and projects that need an experienced team of specialists that can create tailor-made design solutions.


design agencies: SocialSEO-logo-profile

When it comes to the best design agencies, SocialSEO brings more than 25 years of experience to the table. The agency provides some of the top-converting design solutions for different industries, from educational institutions to auto industry and eLearning projects.

  • Why we chose them: They have knowledge and experience in digital advertising that can help get higher conversions with the designed content. Since 1997, they have followed trends and developed solutions for a large number of clients. They have worked with Jaguar, Don Julio, Current, University of Colorado and more.
  • What you should consider: Before any budgeting and timeline planning, you have to inquire for their hourly rates.
  • Who are they for: If you have a larger project and need tailor-made designs, together with different digital marketing services, this agency is a match for you.

10 Best Design Agencies Compared

Agency LocationHourly RateSize
Dotlogics Inc.New York City, NY$125Under 49
Digital SilkNew York City, NY$125100 - 249
SmartSitesParamus, NJ$100100 - 249
Ignite VisibilitySan Diego, CAInquire100 - 249
SocialSEOColorado Springs, COInquire100 - 249
HigherVisibilityMemphis, TEInquire50 - 99
Top Notch DezignsNew York City, NY$15050 - 99
Ramotion San Francisco, CA$15050 - 99
Stoke VenturesRaleigh, NC$50Under 49
Deal DesignSan Diego, CA$150Under 49


How We Picked the Best Design Agencies

When it comes to selecting the best design agencies, our team of experts takes into account the agency’s reviews, industry reputation and case studies that prove their expertise.

The qualifications include robust portfolios that directly point to previous projects that the agency handled. This means analysis of design solutions from website layout and UX/UI to social media content and more. The key qualifications include:

  • Designers’ backgrounds and specializations
  • Quality of software
  • Certificates and awards
  • Experience in handling multiple projects at once
  • Top-performing management
  • And more

You can read more about our agency selection criteria here.


DesignRush sustains a directory of over 16,000 agencies categorized by service category, location, expertise and reviews. We build our database in two ways:

  • Our dedicated team of agency experts actively search the web for top performing companies. We then pull information from their websites, online presence and client testimonials to verify their status and qualifications prior to listing.
    The agencies listed get notified of their profiles on the website and they can choose to claim it or not, which suggests their availability for more collaborations.
  • Agencies can also reach out to DesignRush and must go through the verification process prior to being listed.

About the Author

Kristina Vjetrovic - Client Relationship Manager at DesignRush

Kristina Vjetrovic is a Client Relationship Manager working directly with Branding & Creative agencies. It allows her to provide industry insights that help business owners make informed hiring decisions, which she proactively manages to nurture long-term B2B customer relationships. For further inquiries, contact her at [email protected]

Design Agencies FAQs

What is a Design Agency?

Design agencies can brand your company, provide marketing materials for your brand, and establish client-drawing tactics in addition to designing logos and websites.

These firms are essential to your company because they assist you in developing (and putting into practice) various brand recognition methods that showcase your products.

Having the right company at your disposal can play a significant role in business success. You can hire a design agency for more than just having a logo or website created for you. Instead, they can make your marketing collateral, brand your company, update your website, and create a plan to draw in the right clients.

team of designers working on a project in a design agency
Design agencies can give you sustainable ideas for long-term marketing tactics

What Do Design Firms Do?

Design firms concentrate on how brands, products, and services look. They improve the appeal of their client's products relative to their rivals. These companies collaborate with other design agency services, including digital, consulting, and advertising, to accomplish their objective.

These specialists can do the following for your business:

1. Branding and identity development

These kinds of services can help you create a robust and recognizable brand identity that will make your business stand out from the competition. Services may include logo design, brand guidelines, and color palette development.

2. Web design and development

A good company will have a team of web designers and developers who can create a beautiful and user-friendly website for your business. Services may include website design, front-end development, content management system (CMS) integration, eCommerce solutions, responsive web design, and more.

3. Motion graphics and animation

Design firms specializing in motion graphics and animation can help you create engaging video content for your website or social media channels. Services may include 2D and 3D animation, explainer videos, whiteboard animations, and more.

4. Print design

Design companies can also help you with your print design needs, from creating business cards and flyers to developing marketing collateral and product packaging. Services may include graphic design, layout, and printing.

5. Advertising and marketing

These companies can develop targeted advertising and marketing campaigns to reach your target audience and help you achieve your business goals. Services may include print ads, online ads, email marketing, direct mail, and more.

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Why Should You Hire a Design Company?

There are many reasons to hire design companies but ultimately, it comes down to results. A good design agency will have a team of highly skilled and experienced designers who can help you achieve your business goals. They also have the tools and resources to handle projects of any size and scope.

When you partner with a specialized agency, you can expect:

1. They can assist you in developing the right design strategies

Most business owners know they require sales and marketing tactics to build a strong internet presence. Some people, however, seldom ever consider design strategies. By working with design agencies, you can develop strategies for attracting potential clients' attention to your brand.

Your efforts may be for naught if your brand is not appealing to your target audience. You must outline how, why, and when to put your design strategy into practice if you want to give your brand the proper look and feel. This process might be more straightforward for you if you hire a design agency.

2. They conduct brand audits

A business needs to conduct audits to make sure its brand is achieving the goal for which it was designed.

Whether it appeals to the correct customers, whether the colors accurately reflect your true brand identity, or whether your logo is effective are some performance indicators that can help you monitor and measure results. Only a thorough audit will reveal the answers to these queries.

3. They establish your brand's consistency

Maintaining brand consistency doesn't always mean using the same colors and logos.

A design agency can assist you in fusing similar color tones with subtle touches that will make a difference throughout your identity. In addition to making your brand simple to recognize, doing this gives you a professional appearance.

4. They enhance your brand with new ideas

Being your own boss could make you naive to some concepts. When you are too close to your business, this occurs. However, if you ask someone else to take a second look at it, they might be able to offer you their impression of how it is portrayed in the outside world.

Design companies may introduce fresh concepts into your business to give it a contemporary feel and help it target the proper clients.

5. They future-proof your brand

Great brands ought to have room to expand. Some brands quickly become outdated after being introduced, while others improve over time. Design studios may assist you in building a brand reputation and future-proofing it to evolve and alter over time. The least you want is for your brand to become irrelevant and eventually lose clients.

How Much Do Design Studios Charge for Their Services?

Design studios typically charge by the project, hourly rate, or retainer. Pricing will vary depending on the project's scope, the agency's experience and expertise, and other factors.

In the United States, a design consultant makes an average rate of $29.10 per hour and $8,500 in commission annually (Indeed).

When working with a company that takes care of the design, getting an estimate up front is vital, so you know what to expect and can budget accordingly. Ask about any additional fees, such as rush charges or print costs.

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How to Find the Right Design Company for Your Business Needs?

Finding the ideal agency for your business can feel like looking for a tiny needle in a vast haystack. So, finding the right agency can be easier if you know what factors to consider. Here's how to find the best design team for your needs.

#1. Its abilities align with your needs

The competence of a design studio should be your top priority. In the end, you need to accomplish your design objectives, and to do this, you need the appropriate expertise.

You could find an agency that can match your needs by looking through their websites. If they work with partners to suit your needs, the right agency should describe how they will do so. These details are available in their case studies, white papers, or the about us page.

#2. It has a track record of delivering quality results for clients

Confirm the track records of the design agencies you are considering by conversing with them. Good agencies can back up their work with references.

Knowing what a design agency has accomplished may also be obtained by speaking with other clients. Only by looking at these signs can you determine whether agencies can produce results.

#3. It's on the lookout for long-term client relationships

Although you can hire design firms on a project-by-project basis, you should look for one that will work on your projects over a substantial period.

The ideal agency considers your brand as its own. This can be determined by looking up who their longest-standing client was and how many tasks they completed for them. That will reveal whether they serve clients on a temporary or permanent basis.

#4. They listen to their clients

Listening is a critical component of communication. You must only work with a company that actively tries to comprehend your needs, business, and sector. You can quickly find out if they are friendly and helpful by phoning them, sending them an email, and seeing how quickly they react.

Good companies should inquire about your brand, problems, and objectives in a follow-up call or email. Aside from that, they must convey to you that they're ready to assist when required.

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Design Firm

Choosing a design firm is a big decision. You want to make sure you choose a firm that is the right fit for your needs and that you feel confident working with. After all, they will be responsible for helping you create the visual identity for your business.

To assist you in narrowing down your options and finding the perfect firm for your business, we’ve listed ten questions to ask when interviewing the ideal firm.

1. What is Your Design Process?

The first question you should ask any design firm is about their process. You want to know how they work and what to expect from working with them. Here are some things to look for in their answer:

  • Do they have a standard process that they follow for all clients?
  • Or do they tailor their process to each client?
  • How long does their process typically take?
  • What is the firm’s policy on revisions?

2. Can You Share Some Samples of Your Work?

Asking to see samples of design companies’ previous work is a great way to get an idea of their style and see if it aligns with your own. Be sure to ask them about specific projects similar to what you are looking for so you can get a sense of how they would approach your project.

3. Who Will be Working on My Project?

It’s important to know who will work on your project, and their role is essential. When working with a design company, you will work with a team of designers, not just one person. Ask the firm to introduce you to the team working on your project so you can get to know them and feel more confident in their abilities.

4. What is Your Approach to Branding?

Your business' brand is more than just your logo – it’s the whole visual identity of your business. A good design agency will have a strong understanding of branding and how to create a cohesive look and feel for your business. Ask them about their branding approach and see if it aligns with your vision for your business.

5. Do You Have Any Experience with (Insert Your Industry Here)?

While a design agency doesn’t need experience in your specific industry, it can be helpful. If they have worked with businesses in the same industry as yours, they will better understand the challenges you face and the specific needs of your project.

6. What is Your Fee Structure?

Before you start working with design studios, it’s essential to understand its fee structure. Some firms charge by the hour, while others charge a flat fee for the entire project. Be sure to ask about their rates, so there are no surprises down the road.

7. What Are Your Payment Terms?

In addition to understanding the fees, you also need to know when and how the design experts expect to be paid. Ensure you are clear on their payment terms before working together.

8. What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Life happens, and sometimes projects must be put on hold or canceled entirely. If this happens, you want to know the design firm’s policy. Ask about their cancellation policy to clarify the terms before you start working together.

9. What Happens if I am Not Satisfied with the Final Design?

No one is perfect, and there is always a chance that you may not be delighted with the final design. If this happens, it’s essential to know the next steps and how the design firm will handle revisions. Be sure to ask about their policy on revisions so you know what to expect.

10. Do You Have Any References I Can Contact?

Asking for references is a great way to get an idea of what it’s like to work with a design firm. Be sure to ask for professional and personal references to get a well-rounded perspective.

Choosing the right agency is a vital decision for your business. Be sure to ask these ten questions to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Takeaways on Design Agencies

Employing a design firm is necessary if you want to make your company more appealing to potential clients. This agency might not only help you give your brand's website some color, but it might also give you sustainable ideas for long-term marketing tactics.

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