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Drake Alan

Design Is the New Black.

Remote Office, St. Louis, Missouri 63118, United States

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I found myself wondering if there was more. A way to interact with the environment, with other people, and with my own thoughts in a meaningful and visual way. My family was all focused on interests that I just felt were not what I truly cared about at the time creating a lasting and ageless impression

Over the next decade and a half, I have developed work with many different themes. Creating illustrations and designs is something I crave in my daily life, and I scratch that itch via various media, such as graphite, ink, digital programs, and other media explorations. My work started with anatomical studies, color theory practice, and design exploration. Eventually, my work moved towards developing deep and complex ideas. These concepts cover various topics to create an understanding of us as a species, showcase our societal standards, and depict how we relate and fit within our delicate ecosystem.

Simply put, my work has an unspoken conversation with whoever interacts with it, not just in the moment, but well after the viewer walks away. Thought-provoking concepts and intriguing visuals create a lasting impact that brings awareness to themes present not only in my work but also in the world around us creating a real-world connection and understanding of what the piece is depicting.
Remote Office, St. Louis, Missouri 63118, United States

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  • Consumer Goods
  • Design
  • Food and Beverage
  • Recreation & Travel
  • Restaurants

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  • Sweet Shack
  • Wavey's Potato Chips
  • Better than Galaxy