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Apostol Petkov, Gevgelija, 1480, Macedonia

Flow2web Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Flow2Web is a IT Solutions agency that has a number of services like UI/UX design, Web Design and Web Development. But we don’t stop there. Just reach to us with your challenges and we’ll always find a way.

Our UI/UX Design, Web Design and Web Development solutions outpour into the vast web. We create ripples of effects by focusing on what’s best for our clients and their needs to achieve their goals.

Dive into our skills:
strong foundation in web design HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, SASS, LESS, PSD to HTML, PSD to Wordpress, Figma to HTML, sketch to HTML and Zeplin to HTML
superior skills with Figma, AdobeXD, Zeplin, Photoshop and Illustrator
strong skills with User Experience, Usability and User Interface
familiar with .NET MVC C#, Rest API, jQuery, Angular, VueJS and NextJS
superior skills with tailwindcss, bootstrap, foundation and custom framework, Framer

Dive into our team:
specializing in Web Development, Wordpress CMS, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Web Design, pixel perfect, landing pages, Figma to html and UI/UX design.
100+ Completed Projects.
Responsiveness: Being extremely responsive and keeping all lines of communication
The Client Reviews and Feedback on teams profile are immensely important to Flow2web and the value that what they give.

Our team has a 16 years of experience in Web Development and UI/UX design.

It's important to Flow2web team to build long term relationships with clients, so our team primarily looking for long term projects.

* Available almost 24/7 for customer needs.

Flow2web availability ranges based on the excitement of the project. It looks so interesting the team of Flow2web willing to meet the full availability you’re looking for.

Apostol Petkov, Gevgelija, 1480, Macedonia

Areas of Expertise

  • Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
Web Design Expertise
  • Responsive
  • eCommerce

Client Types

  • Small Businesses

Flow2web Portfolio

  • Flow2web - Time out
    Web Design
    Time out
  • Flow2web - Bored Cat
    Web Design
    Bored Cat
  • Flow2web - H2H Boat
    Mobile App Development
    H2H Boat
  • Flow2web - Virtual Vocations
    UI/UX Design
    Virtual Vocations
  • Flow2web - OM Digital
    Web Development
    OM Digital
  • Flow2web - Need Cash Today
    Web Development
    Need Cash Today
  • Flow2web - MyIEE
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Moola
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Berry’n’mind
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - San Marina
    Web Design
    San Marina
  • Flow2web - Explore MK
    Mobile App Development
    Explore MK
  • Flow2web - Greet
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - SSEIB
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Zemi Kupon
    Web Development
    Zemi Kupon
  • Flow2web - Yogamaya
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - USCES
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Tradee
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - The Quantity Surveyor
    Web Design
    The Quantity Surveyor
  • Flow2web - Student Motivation
    Web Design
    Student Motivation
  • Flow2web - Staff plex
    Web Design
    Staff plex
  • Flow2web - Spiritual Mentor
    Web Design
    Spiritual Mentor
  • Flow2web - Save on Clouds
    Web Development
    Save on Clouds
  • Flow2web - Runnerspot logo
    Graphic Design
    Runnerspot logo
  • Flow2web - Runnerspot
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Proposal Factory
    Web Design
    Proposal Factory
  • Flow2web - Notary Course Online
    Web Design
    Notary Course Online
  • Flow2web - Pecatnica Sofija
    Web Design
    Pecatnica Sofija
  • Flow2web - Organik NAR
    Web Design
    Organik NAR
  • Flow2web - NOA Tours
    Web Design
    NOA Tours
  • Flow2web - Moxelle
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Maxim Caffe
    Mobile App Development
    Maxim Caffe
  • Flow2web - Martin Trans
    Web Design
    Martin Trans
  • Flow2web - Mapp
    Mobile App Development
  • Flow2web - Magic Eye
    Web Design
    Magic Eye
  • Flow2web - Jordan Marvels
    Web Development
    Jordan Marvels
  • Flow2web - JobTrüffel
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Inter Bridge
    Web Design
    Inter Bridge
  • Flow2web - Impsol
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - IEE
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Horoscopes
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Go For Growth
    Web Design
    Go For Growth
  • Flow2web - Flip North
    Web Design
    Flip North
  • Flow2web - Faven
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Events
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Edmonton Flooring
    Web Design
    Edmonton Flooring
  • Flow2web - Crypto Tiles
    Web Design
    Crypto Tiles
  • Flow2web - Covid 19
    Web Development
    Covid 19
  • Flow2web - Copper and Bricks
    Web Design
    Copper and Bricks
  • Flow2web - Construction Measure
    Web Design
    Construction Measure
  • Flow2web - Botanique MK
    Web Design
    Botanique MK
  • Flow2web - AMZ Site
    Web Design
    AMZ Site
  • Flow2web - Ampa Prom
    Web Design
    Ampa Prom
  • Flow2web - Bibliotheca Makedonia
    Web Design
    Bibliotheca Makedonia
  • Flow2web - Cloud Cover
    Mobile App Development
    Cloud Cover
  • Flow2web - Ceman Capital
    Web Development
    Ceman Capital
  • Flow2web - Castle Garde
    Web Design
    Castle Garde
  • Flow2web - Career Synergy
    Web Design
    Career Synergy
  • Flow2web - Auto Scan UI
    Web Development
    Auto Scan UI
  • Flow2web - Answer IO
    Web Design
    Answer IO
  • Flow2web - Claris Finance
    Web Design
    Claris Finance
  • Flow2web - Mighty Creation
    Web Design
    Mighty Creation
  • Flow2web - Bonavia LTD
    Web Design
    Bonavia LTD
  • Flow2web - Wishes
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Stari Lica
    Web Design
    Stari Lica
  • Flow2web - Richard MacVicar
    Web Design
    Richard MacVicar
  • Flow2web - Redmond
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - OPTO
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - New Homeowner Data
    Web Design
    New Homeowner Data
  • Flow2web - Journe
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Department of Workforce Development
    Web Development
    Department of Workforce Development
  • Flow2web - Deo Docs
    Web Development
    Deo Docs
  • Flow2web - AMARRA
  • Flow2web - Moola
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - Need Cash Today
    Web Development
    Need Cash Today
  • Flow2web - MyIEE
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Berry'n'mind
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Zemi Kupon
    Web Development
    Zemi Kupon
  • Flow2web - Litera
    Web Design
  • Flow2web - Personalised Vacation
    Web Design
    Personalised Vacation
  • Flow2web - MTL Watches
    MTL Watches
  • Flow2web - HVAC Marketing Solutions
    Web Development
    HVAC Marketing Solutions
  • Flow2web - Wedding Preservation
    Wedding Preservation
  • Flow2web - My Trip Center
    Web Development
    My Trip Center
  • Flow2web - Nutripur
  • Flow2web - Brooke
    Web Development
  • Flow2web - UOA Group
    Web Development
    UOA Group
  • Flow2web - Moore AI
    Web Design
    Moore AI
  • Flow2web - Knowza
    UI/UX Design
  • Flow2web - OM Digital
    Web Development
    OM Digital
  • Flow2web - AP PedalBoards
    Web Development
    AP PedalBoards

Flow2web Team Bios

  • CEO, Full Stack Developer
    Jovan Pop-Petrov
    CEO, Full Stack Developer
    As a multidisciplinary developer and a designer with 14 years of experience I tend to solve problems by simply identifying them. I always do my best to examine alternate solutions then choose and implement the best one.
  • Project Manager
    Atanas Prchev
    Project Manager
    Project Management is kinda fun and easy like riding a bike. The only difference being the bike is on fire, the road is on fire and it seems like you're on fire as well. Good thing I'm good at being on fire.
  • UX/UI Graphic Designer
    Nikola Tanushev
    UX/UI Graphic Designer
    Im a UX/UI Graphic Designer with over 8 years experience and crafting digital products, helping businesses and non-profits expand their capacity for impact. I'm comfortable working on all aspects of the product cycle, from running ideation workshops and research to prototyping journeys, crafting bea
  • UX/UI Web Designer
    Veronika Vanceva
    UX/UI Web Designer
    Invite me to your job and we'll explore how to create the perfect creative designs for your project. I'm a Web Designer with wide experience in graphic design and as UI / UX designer.
  • QA Engineer
    Gjorge Uzunov
    QA Engineer
    ISTQB Certified QA Engineer with 5 years experience in Finance industry and 2+ year experience as Manual Tester on Fintech and Gaming projects. I assure that your product will be bug free and work as per requirements.

Flow2web Clients

  • Suzuki Present
  • OM Digital
  • Moola
  • Need Cash Today
  • MyIee
  • Explore MK
  • Greet
  • H2H Fishing
  • Career Synergy
  • The Quantity Surveyor
  • Castle Garde
  • Go For Growth
  • Save on Clouds
  • Jordan Marvels
  • Runnerspot
  • Edmonton Flooring
  • Copper and Bricks
  • Ceman Capital
  • Jobtrüffel
  • Auto SCAN UI
  • AMZSite
  • Cloud Cover
  • Moxelle
  • IEE University
  • Crypto Tiles
  • Notary Course Online
  • Interbridge
  • Answer IO
  • Construction Measure
  • Faven
  • Mighty Creation
  • Virtual Vocations
  • Personalised Vacation
  • New Homeowner Data
  • Redmond
  • Richard MacVicar
  • Bonavia Ltd
  • Wishes
  • OPTO
  • Journe
  • Brooke
  • Fox Cabinets
  • UOA Group
  • NutriPur
  • Claris Finance
  • Tradee
  • Bored Cat

Flow2web Awards

  • Flow2web - Award 1