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Remote Office, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania 15012, United States

Optimized-Marketing Overview

Number of Employees
Under 49
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
Rapid Innovation in Conversion Rate Optimization: Our Commitment to Results
At Optimized-Marketing, we're devoted to providing websites that don't just exist but perform. Our unique approach to Conversion Rate Optimization ensures the swift introduction of new technologies without breaking the bank.

Low Costs, High Impact
Why make you wait when innovation is just around the corner? Our model keeps expenses down, with initial pricing designed to prioritize your success. If a tool can improve your web results, expect it ready for testing within a month. It's a partnership where profitability for us comes only from results over time for you.

Meet the Mind Behind the Magic: Bryan Trilli
Our journey began in 2008 when our founder, Bryan Trilli, planted the seeds for Optimized Marketing while working in New Mexico's 4 Corners area. His vision resonated, and we began to grow. Now, we're here to grow with you.
Remote Office, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania 15012, United States

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Optimized-Marketing Team Bios

  • Team Leader
    Bryan Trilli
    Team Leader
    Meet Bryan, the ringleader of our circus here at Optimized Marketing. Hes the one responsible for keeping all of us clowns in line and making sure were using our big brains for good (but mostly great).
  • Chief Technology Officer
    Greg Trilli
    Chief Technology Officer
    Meet Greg, the tech wizard who keeps Optimized Marketings technology running like a well-oiled machine. Not only does he boss the tech team around (in a way that makes everyone love him), but he also makes sure everything is aligned with the companys goals and objectives.
  • Software Development
    J. Chuck Mailen
    Software Development
    Chuck is our very own code monkey (his words, not ours) and has been building the internet since before the web even existed and has built more websites and tools than he can remember.
  • Opti-tech
    Chrissy Fike
    Chrissys job is to help with all the behind the scenes tasks, such as creating and copying website pages, setting up the processes and completing the tasks that provide the data needed for marketers and clients.
  • Optimizer
    Eric Pereira
    Meet Eric, the marketing wizard who helps clients beat their goals with his magical strategies.
  • Accountant
    Tiffini Bowker
    Tiffini is the go-to person when it comes to anything numbers-related at Optimized Marketing. Shes a whiz with figures and always makes sure were on top of our game.
  • Chief Operations and Happiness Officer
    Anastasia Fediaeva
    Chief Operations and Happiness Officer
    Meet Ana, the mastermind behind the happy, efficient, and productive Optimized Marketing team. Shes the one who makes sure we can dedicate enough time and energy to our clients, and that we live up to the OM values and standards.
  • Optimizer
    Alex Kahts
    Meet Alex, the lead generation master, who creates high-quality leads for businesses across the US in industries as diverse as water treatment, coffee roasters, and IT services. Hes not just a lead generator but also an idea-generation powerhouse!
  • Project Manager/Ads Expert
    Dasha Kochetova
    Project Manager/Ads Expert
    Dasha, our resident Ad Expert, is the queen of organization, making sure all our projects run like clockwork and our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.
  • Optimizer
    Rob Barratt
    Meet Rob, our resident wordsmith and PR guru. Hes a master at crafting compelling copy thatll have you reaching for your wallet before you know it. But dont let his smooth talking fool you, hes not just all talk hes also walked the walk, having owned and sold a successful business in the past.
  • WordPress Developer
    Jelena Janić
    WordPress Developer
    Jelena is a tech whiz and website wizard at Optimized Marketing. Shes constantly tinkering and testing to make sure our clients online presence is top-notch. Rumor has it that she also studied law at college and can write contracts, almost as well as she writes code.
  • Marketing Support
    Sandi Bardwell
    Marketing Support
    Sandi is a big part of the glue that holds our team together, keeping us on track and making sure our clients metrics are always in check. But when shes not crunching numbers, shes a doting grandma and a proud pastors wife, basking in the love of her family and supporting her husband.

Optimized-Marketing Clients

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