SemiDot Infotech Overview

Number of Employees
50 - 99
Minimal Budget
$1,000 - $10,000
Average Hourly Rate
Year Founded
At SemiDot Infotech, we pride ourselves on being a leading media app development agency that crafts technology-driven, scalable, and comprehensive app solutions.

Over the years, our advanced solutions have empowered numerous media and entertainment productions, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Image Editing Apps: Inspired by platforms like Instagram, we offer dynamic image-editing apps embedded with AI-driven geotag features and other core functionalities to help you share your moments in style.

Video Streaming Apps: Drawing inspiration from giants like Amazon Prime and Netflix, our video streaming app development services incorporate clone features, blending the best of existing platforms with cutting-edge technologies.

Gaming Apps: Our seasoned gaming app developers craft immersive experiences, leveraging technologies such as AR and VR to redefine entertainment and offer unparalleled user engagement.

Music Streaming Apps: Our live music streaming apps are designed to handle numerous listeners in real-time seamlessly, ensuring an uninterrupted and enriched listening experience.

Enterprise Mobility Solution: We devise specialized media and entertainment mobility solutions, catering to industries like PR, media & publishing houses, and eCommerce. This includes state-of-the-art brand management apps and CRMs.

Content Aggregation Apps: Being a premier media app solution provider, we aggregate premium content, ensuring your users are always engaged and informed.
3024 Washington Street, Boulder, Colorado 80304, United States
Other Locations
65 Liverpool Road, Hindley, Manchester, WN23HQ, United Kingdom
12 New Colony II, Jaipur, 302017, India
10 Laya Residences, Al Barsha South Fourth 681, Dubai, 450535, United Arab Emirates

Areas of Expertise

  • CMS Platforms
  • Custom Frameworks
  • Custom Languages
  • Mobile App Expertise
CMS Platforms
CMS Platforms
  • WordPress
Custom Frameworks
Custom Frameworks
  • Laravel
  • Python Django
  • Ruby on Rails
Custom Languages
Custom Languages
  • PHP
Mobile App Expertise
Mobile App Expertise
  • Media App
  • Wearables
  • iPad


  • eCommerce

SemiDot Infotech Portfolio

  • SemiDot Infotech - Super Creators - NFT Marketplace
    Super Creators - NFT Marketplace
  • SemiDot Infotech - Picnic- The Online Supermarket
    Mobile App Development
    Picnic- The Online Supermarket
  • SemiDot Infotech - Joom - Ecommerce Online Marketplace
    eCommerce Development
    Joom - Ecommerce Online Marketplace
  • SemiDot Infotech - IRL - Social Media Platform
    Mobile App Development
    IRL - Social Media Platform
  • SemiDot Infotech - Zattoo - Video Streaming App
    Mobile App Development
    Zattoo - Video Streaming App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Bloomy - Dating App
    Mobile App Development
    Bloomy - Dating App
  • SemiDot Infotech - The Training Hub - Online Education Portal
    Web Design
    The Training Hub - Online Education Portal
  • SemiDot Infotech - Danger Rangers - NFT Marketplace
    Danger Rangers - NFT Marketplace
  • SemiDot Infotech - Luxury Ledger - HyperLedger Blockchain
    Luxury Ledger - HyperLedger Blockchain
  • SemiDot Infotech - Everything Pregnancy - Pregnancy Mobile App
    Mobile App Development
    Everything Pregnancy - Pregnancy Mobile App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Total Exchange - Online E-commerce Market
    Total Exchange - Online E-commerce Market
  • SemiDot Infotech - ViTolker - Content Translator Service
    Web Development
    ViTolker - Content Translator Service
  • SemiDot Infotech - GymNadz - Womens Fitness App
    Mobile App Development
    GymNadz - Womens Fitness App
  • SemiDot Infotech - - The Taxi App for Europe
    Mobile App Development - The Taxi App for Europe
  • SemiDot Infotech - JUST EAT - Food Deliver App
    Mobile App Development
    JUST EAT - Food Deliver App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Loyverse - POS Point of Sale
    Software Development
    Loyverse - POS Point of Sale
  • SemiDot Infotech - Chefaa- Pharmacy Delivery App
    Mobile App Development
    Chefaa- Pharmacy Delivery App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Antidote Health - Telemedicine App
    Mobile App Development
    Antidote Health - Telemedicine App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Justmop - Home Cleaning Services
    Mobile App Development
    Justmop - Home Cleaning Services
  • SemiDot Infotech - WayToNikah - Matrimonial Website
    Web Development
    WayToNikah - Matrimonial Website
  • SemiDot Infotech - Zippykind - Courier Delivery App
    Mobile App Development
    Zippykind - Courier Delivery App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Kobeyo - Job Searching App
    Mobile App Development
    Kobeyo - Job Searching App
  • SemiDot Infotech - InstaPay - E-wallet App
    Mobile App Development
    InstaPay - E-wallet App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Treatwell - Salon App
    Mobile App Development
    Treatwell - Salon App
  • SemiDot Infotech - Luxe London - Real Estate Business
    Luxe London - Real Estate Business
  • SemiDot Infotech - Adpost - Classifieds Portal
    Adpost - Classifieds Portal
  • SemiDot Infotech - Advance Electrical - Customized Electrical Solution
    Ruby on Rails
    Advance Electrical - Customized Electrical Solution
  • SemiDot Infotech - Nashville - Music Mobile App
    Mobile App Development
    Nashville - Music Mobile App
  • SemiDot Infotech - The Tenants Voice - Education Website
    Web Development
    The Tenants Voice - Education Website
  • SemiDot Infotech - 500BC - WordPress Website
    500BC - WordPress Website

SemiDot Infotech Reviews

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  • Vishwendra singh

    Vishwendra singh

    Project Manager at The Buddha Village

    The Buddha Village
    Project Type: App Development
    Review Date: 3 August, 2021
    Very pleased to work with SemiDot team. Our collaboration started with a very small project of hardly $1,200, which has now grown to over $80,000 in the last 3 enterprise application that we did with them. The best part is their round-the-clock availability. Their guarantee of 15 minutes response time sounds like a sales gimmick in the beginning but they stick to what they commit. A very technically sound team and highly recommended. It was a pleasure to work with you guys! (Verified via email)
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    • Your Satisfaction:
    • Willing To Refer:
  • Neelam Chaudhary

    Neelam Chaudhary

    Co-founder at Law Compass

    Law Compass
    Project Type: Website Development
    Review Date: 29 July, 2021
    SemiDot Infotech achieved the goal and re-presented Law Compass' attributes, values, and offerings in a modern, visually appealing way. It conducted weekly meetings with the client to ensure a smooth and structured workflow. The agency team was extremely organised and reliable. Overall, Law Compass is very satisfied with SemiDot. (Verified via email)
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    • Timely Delivery:
    • Responsiveness:
    • Overall Costs:
    • Your Satisfaction:
    • Willing To Refer:

SemiDot Infotech Team Bios

  • CEO
    Rohan Singh
    Rohan Singh is a versatile techy with vast experience in a wide array of technologies. As a director at Semidot Infotech he oversee the technology wing of the company. He has extensive experience working for multinational companies and know what it takes to take a company to the next level.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    Jitu Bhaskar
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    One of the most innovative & enigmatic personalities of Semidot. He caters for all the major clients of the company. He has extensive B2B sales experience in UK/Europe and thrives with like minded entrepreneurs. His interest these days revolves around Mobile In App revenue generation and blockchain.
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
    Kapil Singh
    Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
    If there is any sort of technical wall anyone in Semidot hits, he is the first person to reach out to, in the entire company. He has extensive experience in latest Web & Mobile App technologies and has managed various projects of large scale magnitude.

SemiDot Infotech Clients

  • Picnic
  • Luxury Ledger
  • Joom
  • Adpost
  • Antidote Health
  • InstaPay
  • Just Eat
  • super creators
  • Loyverse
  • Luxe London
  • ViTolker
  • WayToNikah
  • IRL
  • Treatwell
  • The Training Hub
  • zippykind
  • Bloomy
  • Chefaa
  • Danger Rangers
  • Zattoo
  • Kobeyo
  • GymNadz
  • Total Exchange
  • Justmop

SemiDot Infotech Awards

  • SemiDot Infotech - Award 1
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  • SemiDot Infotech - Award 4

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